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Comment what a joke... (Score 1) 1251

This wont go far... Their answer: "You should have gotten better grades to begin with" Hell even good grades don't guarantee a job This person will fit right in with the image a lot of Americans have of "Sue everyone" ...and yes its not everyone by any means but most of the weird suing going on seems to be in the US. I hope the unemployed bum is the one paying for all the legal fees and not the government (your pockets). If the government helps foot the bill I would sue her for wasting tax payer money.

Comment A better solution (Score 1) 227

All prices in Canadian $$$ Buy 2 of these to fit a total of 8 SATA drives: (289.98 + taxes) Buy 8 1.5TB Drives: (1119.92 + taxes) Total: 1409.90 + taxes for 2 external SATA enclosures & 12TB of disk space. Setup takes less than 1 hour. You can always just start with 3GB + 1 enclosure for a total of aprox 450.00 to begin with and keep adding on to it as drive prices go down and as you need disk will save even more that way

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