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Comment This is a weird obsession (Score 1) 346

Why does the news coverage always seem to focus on whether or not there is a start menu, or whatever kind of primary UI navigation it uses? Is this really that critical of an issue? This is one of those things where I feel like Microsoft tries to get everyone to fixate on this one feature so that they don't think about other areas that might need to be improved or overhauled.

It's like if you worked at an office where the working conditions weren't great, you get them to focus on some issue like The Coffee Machine, or something... make that a hot topic of discussion that gets everyone's attention... then people are less likely to notice things like "oh, we haven't gotten a raise in a few years" or "we don't get very much paid time off."

I quit Windows several years ago and have been 100% ubuntu since; I've not looked back. The few times when I have to use Windows at work, it's so stressful and frustrating. I don't know how people put up with it.

Comment Re:Wait a sec (Score 1) 772

There is an implicit fallacy of equivocation when an evolution denier (generally a YEC or ID proponent) uses "belief" in this context, as they often try to frame it as a "faith" position. eg. "belief in evolution" using belief as the same as "belief in the supernatural", which is different from saying "I believe the Neo-Darwinian Synthesis better explains speciation than Lamarckian Model".

Comment I still don't understand (Score 1) 494

I still don't get how the website could have failed so incredibly miserably.

The problems the site faces seem to be elementary, the type of mistakes that I made when I was first doing web development. I get that the scale of the site is massive, and that at that scale you have to do many things a little differently than smaller-scale web apps. But this was a president who had very tech-savvy people at hand on his campaign, and even in his first term (Look at "" for example; that site gets massive traffic and holds up pretty well, even if the responses from the WH are patronizing as hell at times). How come this site crashed and burned so pathetically?

Comment Not to sound like a gaming hipster or troll... (Score 2) 272

I don't think I've ever played a AAA title. Well, ok, Skyrim. Lots and lots of Skyrim. And Civ V, if that counts; I don't know that it does. I've seen my friends play games don't even know the names of them. Call of Duty: MW was the last one I remember seeing. Oh, and Left 4 Dead. I read a lot about GTA5 on Reddit too.

I regularly purchase games from the Humble Bundle. I recently got Fez and fell in love with it. So clever and so brilliantly designed. I think that game was made by one person, wasn't it? I understand that "AAA" titles look amazing and realistic and everything... but does that really make the game THAT much more fun to play? Serious question. Is the gaming experience, say, *actually* 1000x better if the budget is 1000x more?

I don't disagree that AAA titles push the boundaries of technology w/r/t video gaming, but one of the big criticisms I've seen of these titles is that they essentially become interactive movies, and lose a lot of the "game" aspect; ie. less mentally challenging, more mentally stimulating. I do not know whether or not this is the case, but do people who like AAA titles prefer that sort of game? Hyper-realistic interactive movies?

Comment use it or lose it? (Score 1) 52

It would be nice if online accounts like this had some sort of "longevity health" that was a function of how often they were updated (and when they were last updated). Every tweet, for example, would add some length of time onto the lifespan of an account, based on some kind of metric on how often people should be interacting with their stream (ie. 1/day or something like that).

When a user does not log into their account, a clock ticks down and when it hits zero, the account is archived and deactivated. The user can "reset" the countdown by logging into their account. And the more interacting they do while logged in the longer the countdown lasts while they are logged out.

May not be the best implementation, but it would just be nice to see some kind of auto-culling behavior on networks like these. Not just for spammers but for people who create an account, send three tweets about "what do I do on here?" and then never log in again. #namespacewaste

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