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Submission + - TSA fiasco at Newark (USA) Airport. (

arktemplar writes: I first found out about this from a friend, turns out it's been tweeted about pretty heavily. Some person slipped through to the sterile zone and the TSA's new and enhanced procedures could do nothing about it. Sadly, they are now causing excessive delays to every one else, planes about to depart have been grounded. I wonder when they'll realise that they need to rethink their strategy for security.

Submission + - Technology Review -10 Emerging Technologies of 08 (

arktemplar writes: Each year, Technology Review publishes its list of 10 emerging technologies that its editors believe will be particularly important over the next few years. This is work ready to emerge from the lab, in a broad range of areas: energy, computer hardware and software, biological imaging, and more. Two of the technologies cellulolytic enzymes and atomic magnetometers are efforts by leading scientists to solve critical problems, while five surprise modeling, connectomics, probabilistic CMOS, reality mining, and offline Web applications represent whole new ways of looking at problems. And three graphene transistors, nanoradio, and wireless power are amazing feats of engineering that have created something entirely new.

Submission + - Mother Of The Matrix ?

arktemplar writes: well it seems that Sophia Stewart, claims to have used the basic plots of both "The Matrix" and "The Terminator", in her book "The Third Eye". Ms. Stuart has also sued Warner Bros. In the book titled The Third Eye (The Mother of the Matrix) she has included legal documenation from the case as well[] has a little more info, interestingly the wiki for the book is almost a stub, and there aren't too many references to the book otherwise either. For a good laugh, read the Visit user comments in Amazon [] She has also released my take on this, well some one who wanted their fifteen minutes might have gotten it. your take ?

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