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Comment the peril of working from home (Score 1) 670

Working from home is nice, except now managers are seeing the following:

Andy works from home
Andy's job can be done remotely.
Andy's job can thus be moved overseas where it will be done remotely by lower paid people
Andy understand this, thus never works from home to keep his job.

Comment There is NO SUCH THING as being self sufficient! (Score 5, Informative) 467

I hate whenever i hear people say "Well, if we drilled more we could be self sufficient from foreign oil and have oil prices come down.

NO, it does not happen that way.

The US government does not drill oil. They lease out the mineral rights to companies such as shell, BP and Exxon who extract the oil and then __sell it on the world market__. Let me say that again. The oil goes into a central market and could be shipped anywhere if the costs are right. Just because its produced here does not mean it stays here.

Another example was Norway after Hurricane Katrina. Their oil and gas prices jumped significantly after the hurricane in the gulf, yet they are a major exporter and producer. Why? Because supply went down after the storm, so prices had to go up. It didnt matter that they got all their own oil, the world markets made the prices go up.

Comment Don't bother (Score 1) 321

My wife and I asked our Ob/Gyn and pediatrician about this before the birth of our second child, and both of them said that doing so was a waste of time and money. The cord blood is only good for specific genetic conditions that occur in one out of a hundred thousand live births, while most medical conditions that may occur would be treated without the need for cord blood.

Finally the doctors said that banks play on your emotions as new parents. They said that donating the cord blood would be nice, but a lot of hospitals dont want to deal with the bother and administrative hassle of collecting and shipping.

Ultimately I'd ask your doctors about it and see if they recommend it, but most likely you are just going to be wasting money.

Comment WRONG! (Score 4, Informative) 315

The researchers made no such claim! In fact they explicitly said they disbelieved they saw faster than light particles, and that they thought their data was faulty somewhere. But what they DID do is ask for other scientists to check their data and find their data, and if possible recreate the experiment to help track down where the error was.


Comment Re:OMG big brother... (Score 4, Insightful) 353

Sorry, but the problem is that apple is not tracking anybody, its that apple is not tracking anybody....yet.

Also, there is the issue of why the phone is doing this in the first place. Why spend the time programming this 'feature' into a phone unless its going to be used for something.

Just because apple isnt doing anything evil with this data does not mean they could not later, or someone else could make a trojan to gather this data now that its widely known.

Apple is getting stomped for this, and rightly so.

Comment Why I switched from Cablevision to FIOS (Score 5, Informative) 397

Simple. The three plan (Internet, TV, Phone) all worked out to be cheaper and better. I got faster and more importantly, more reliable internet. When I was with cablevision/Optimum Online I would get maybe 5Mbit speeds that would flake out during prime time hours since they were over subscribed. Now I get 20 Mbit consistently, even during peek usage hours. The TV was a better quality image, more channels and more innovative products (Multi room DVR rocks). Phone is nothing exciting, but since we also have cell phones with verizon, we get a small discount for linking all our bills together.

Overall, I got the impression that cablevision simply stopped innovating since they were the only game in town, and they did not care that much about their customers. They sure got a big surprise from Verizon, and they are calling us up every week it seems begging us to come back.

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