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Comment Re:how much smalltalk costed when reached market $ (Score 1) 343

You are exactly right. This is why MIT licensed Pharo Smalltalk is steadily gaining traction. Its still a small community, but vibrant. Here are a few examples... A consortium is putting real money on the table to support paid engineering for those important tasks that sometimes don't get done with the "scratch you own itch" open source philosophy.

Comment Re:"prototyping language for startups" (Score 1) 343

Where Smalltalk went wrong is charging $5000 per seat at a time that Java was being released free of charge. That may have been sustainable for those big company clients that could afford to get their foot in the door to the Smalltalk advantages, but it missed getting mind share in the mass market.

Comment Re:Well rounded. (Score 1) 343

Like the saying "The only languages worth learning are those that change the way you *think* about programming." After programming much the same way in Basic, Logo, Pascal, C, Prolog, Perl, PHP, Javascript, Java & Python -- Smalltalk is the language that changed the *way* I program. Its the most fun I've had programming, and now where I call home.

Comment Re:Wow, another paid-for article (Score 1) 343

I doubt this article was paid for because... While its hip to be cynical and usually I might naively agree, in this case I know of the author from some Smalltalk community mail lists - and he is just an individual that is quite zealous about promoting Smalltalk. Sometimes a bit over zealous (like a reformed smoker evangelising others to quit their habit) but this article I think is reasonably well rounded. To my knowledge he's associated with open source Smalltalk flavours rather than commercial, so where would the money come from anyway?

Comment Re:"prototyping language for startups" (Score 1) 343

Its an old post circa 2008, but Ramon Leon's article "Simple Image Based Persistence"
describes that "One of the nicest things about prototyping in Smalltalk is that you can delay the need to hook up a database during much of your development, and if you're lucky, possibly even forever."

and slightly updated...

Submission + - TechBeacon Article is Making a Breakthrough in Smalltalk Advocacy 3

horrido writes: This TechBeacon article is poised to break through the 20,000 views barrier in a matter of weeks. It has done more for Smalltalk advocacy than any other article in memory. TechBeacon says it's the second most popular app dev article of 2016. And Smalltalk evangelist, Richard Eng (aka "Mr. Smalltalk"), has been making a great deal of hay out of it on Twitter (#MakeSmalltalkGreatAgain). Can we expect great things from Smalltalk in 2017?

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