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Comment Alexa has no voice authentication (Score 1) 254

This appears to be an inherent security vulnerability in Alexa - it has no voice authentication (see, for example,, 7min 23 sec). In general, it is quite hard to authenticate voice in a manner that is not spoofable or replayable (without significantly damaging usability).

Submission + - Social Engineering the Court System (

arit writes: The Volokh Conspiracy blog describes 25 court cases with apparently fake defendants, all of whom appear aimed at deindexing unflattering search results. The "defendants" in these cases stipulate to a delisting injunction, and the court judgement is then presented to the relevant search engine as a basis for delisting. How's that for a strawman argument?

Comment Re: Dishonest Arguments not Politics (Score 1) 680

Saying things with conviction does not make them true (see Trump). I knew someone like you would jump to a knee-jerk rebuttal, so I threw in an example that was wrong, but for subtle reasons. There is no way to disprove that the stars travel around the earth, because you can build an entirely consistent mathematical system around just this assumption (indeed, the Ptolemaic theory utilized the scientific method to develop a crazy epicycle theory that was entirely consistent with experimental data - if not, just add smaller circles). Regarding your slander of the scientists I produced, Dick LIndzen was a professor of meterology at MIT with a background in middle-atmosphere. He has written on his positions over the last five years ... did you even bother to look at this wikipedia entry before spewing your nonsense? You are a the prototypical religious extremist - you support your own views with whatever half-truths and loud arguments you can without regard to the facts. If you're convinced, great for you.

Comment Re: Dishonest Arguments not Politics (Score 3, Insightful) 680

First of all, it doesn't matter how many people agree or disagree with climate science. Science is not a democratic process, and skepticism of science is an inherent part of the scientific process ... for thousands of years the world's leading scientists believe things like (i) the earth is flat, (ii) the stars travel around the earth, (iii) there are no limits on velocity ... those who wish to shut up the skeptics are behaving more like religious zealots than scientists. Second of all, there are scientists like Dick Lindzen (MIT, retired), Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Study), ... (see who make serious and informed arguments against the certainty of what is colloquially called "climate science".

Submission + - Square Reader to Credit Card Skimmer in 10 minutes

arit writes: Three recent Boston University grads demonstrate software and hardware attacks on the Square Reader used by many mobile vendors to process credit card transactions. One of the attacks converts a standard reader into an efficient credit card skimmer with very little effort.

Submission + - Starting Now at Netflix: Unlimited Maternity and Paternity Leave

vivaoporto writes: Netflix announced this tuesday that, during the first year after their child’s birth or adoption, employees will be able to take off however long they feel they need to.

They can return on a full- or part-time basis, and even take subsequent time off later in the year if needed. Netflix will "keep paying them normally,"

The TIME comments that this Netflix’s policy "deserves high marks for extending leave to fathers, as well as understanding that the entire first year after childbirth can be challenging for new parents".

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