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Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 0) 564

Who fucking cares, it's completely retarded pieces of shit like you who want to talk about the people involved because you're too fucking stupid to form a statement from any of the information wikileaks publishes because you don't have a pundit to teach you the talking points.

Small, twisted, pathetic, wretched, desiccated minds talk about people.
Strong minds talk about IDEAS.
have you heard that before, it's true

Comment Re: liar (Score 0) 564

And then run to who?

What the fuck are you talking about anyway? You don't have to donate your personal identity to WikiLeaks to make use of its publications for refining your world view.

Boycott wikileaks because....what? Seriously what are you trying to imply???

Comment Re:liar (Score -1) 564

Holy SHIT you are fucking retarded.

What's your address, I'll come murder you and your family

Seriously you are making no point. You are just saying things that have no logical connection. They only have a contextual connection because a certain kind of person likes to say these things again and again without thinking about anything, and that is the example you decided to conform to, tossing out your free will and intelligence in order to "fit in", even though nothing in heaven could make you anything but a stick in the mud.

TL;DR retards without friends and shaky validation for their submissive choices in life stir up shit because they perceive the possibility of reward for doing so

Comment Re:liar (Score 0) 564

Okay, and why would it be significant of they are partisan or not?

Does the truth have less value on one side or the other?

If the other side doesn't like their treatment they can find truth against the other side.
Oh wait they can't. So they make shit up in the media they own.

Comment Re:Pardon Manning and Snowden (Score 0) 384

mod this guy down, cherrypicking aspects of the situation to imply a judgement while totally missing the overall significance of the situation

Manning does not deserve punishment because he didn't take measures to protect the interest of the entity which he is outing for treachery.

The whole point is pretty simple: the government's interests are against the interests of the vast majority of everyone

By serving the government's interest and keeping things secret, he would be indirectly sabotaging the interests of the people he sought to protect.

Yet somehow you want to discredit the significance of this story by making it about Manning vs Snowden and placing the burden of 'responsibility' on the very, very few brave souls who stand up and manage to be heard.
The government is literally assfucking your childrens future, putting everything in place for literal 1984 within a decade, and you want to whine about how the guy trying to stop this from happening didn't do everything bureaucratically correct.
The point is made without even mentioning the thing that should be obvious to sane people: screwing around with censoring the data and finding the right hands to put the sword in is intensive technical work and making delays for those things would probably have jeopardized the release of the information period. Snowden clearly had resources Manning did not.

Comment Re:Gender change as collateral damage? (Score 0) 384

Gender identity problems don't suddenly spring out of nowhere full-formed

Except in cases like this when the establishment wants the story to be about a gender issues instead of blatant systematic crime perpetrated by our government.

No I'm not saying Manning's situation is all made up. I'm saying he was psychologically tortured by the government.

Comment More skynet damage control (Score 0) 278

Snowden, a former US National Security Agency contractor

yeah, that's all you need to know about why Snowden is significant

nevermind that "schizophrenic" fears of government conspiracy were proven true

Another one of these endless stories for the last few years trying to make everything about Snowden and Mass Surveillance seem normal.

When you see something like this it is literally equivalent to some one saying to your face "hey you fucking retard remember how you realized that society is nothing but a slave pen? now forget it, no one cares, stop talking about it, these exhaustive news stories cover the truth up and down every time, go back to work, faggot"

Seriously, the government, the major business owners, they are all conspiring to literally mind control the ENTIRE WORLD by using mass surveillance to supply the data to make complete psychological model of the population.
And this is how we are dealing with it. Things don't look good by this measure.

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