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Comment Re:Are they worth it? (Score 1) 345

You sound like a absolutely terrible person to work for.

1. Hiring a fresh grad for 40-50k (especially one who is quick to learn) over someone with 10 years of experience for 80-90k+ will often come out ahead for those positions that do not absolutely need that 10 years. Even if it takes them a few months to get the hang of what youre doing, if they end up 75% as productive as your senior coders, you come out way ahead

2. I would take a less experienced programmer on my payroll over an outside vendor any day of the week for non-complicated tasks, and twice on monday. Anyone whos had to deal with a bad vendor will agree.

3. A new programmer will grow and learn far faster than an experienced one(especially if it is their first real job.) a new programmer could be 2 or 3 times as productive 6 months in as they were at 1 month in

Of course, since youve reduced all your employees to a number, things like these probably never cross your mind.

(PS. if all your inexperienced people miss every deadline, youre picking the wrong hires. Not only that, but dont ever assume that experience = no mistakes or failures. Or maybe the environment youve created is that detrimental to work flow.. Hiring someone with every expectation of their failure never did anyone any good)

Comment Re:Jail? (Score 1) 171

hate to rain on your sony crusade, but the person who would end up in jail is the person who was responsible for running the check. that may be a salesman, or a manager, or whoever. when it comes to this kind of fine/jail time, there is a lot of finger pointing and assigning blame, and companies will go to great lengths to make sure the blame is placed right. granted, this is more likely to be applied to larger purchases than your 20$ book purchase off amazon.

Submission + - Google sued for $5b for crimes against humanity ( 2

mytrip writes: "A Pennsylvania crusader has slapped Google with a $5bn lawsuit, claiming that the world's largest search engine is endangering his personal safety.

With a suit filed in federal court, Dylan Stephen Jayne insists that the company is guilty of "crimes against humanity" because its name turns up when his social security number is scrambled and turned upside down.

By calling itself Google, Jayne argues, Google has exposed him to attack by an army of culturally diverse, net-savvy terrorists. "A person regardless of race or religion that wishes to cause acts of terrorism would look for social security numbers that are made readily available on the public use databases," his suit reads.

And he's adamant that if Google claims ignorance, many people could end up dead or buck naked. "The 'I don't know' defense obviously is a waste of money, time, and puts the lives of Americans and illegal aliens at risk of death or serious undress.""

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