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Comment Dissapointment (Score 0) 208

I personally find the release of the iphone 6 and 6 Plus a great disappointment. Other than a larger screen, they really did not do much at all worth mentioning. I still have not seen a review of the PHONE functions. I've always felt the iphone series a piss poor telephone device. Even a Moto Razr was a better telephone.

Comment who cares (Score 1) 166

Where I live near Dallas, Texas, throttling would have little effect since their service is so darn slow anyway. It's the most inconsistent service I've ever had. Just try and SSH into something from the airport in Miami. You can't keep a connection long enough to log in. It at least worked in Puerto Rico.

Comment an Expansion (Score 1) 494

While I greatly revere the experience and knowledge base of my senior engineers, it is also important to realize as you get older that there are only so many High Paid Engineering positions for very senior engineers. 75% of those over 50 need to be looking for a position in management, or somewhere else to make their money. Most companies don't have the margins to keep you on.

Comment time is everything (Score 1) 494

Having been in the Aerospace, Hardware, and Software business for 30 years, I can tell you for an absolute fact that hiring a professional that has keep their skills up and has the knowledge base of a few decades is well worth the money. I could give you many examples of serious project damage done through in-experience. If you are in a business that has history, the long term knowledge of these employees is also invaluable. Happy Trails

Comment Easy Solution (Score 1) 536

It's more than obvious that Americas 'War on Drugs' for the past 30 years has been an utter and complete failure. In a capitalistic society, where you have demand, you will have supply. All you can do is affect the price by criminalization. America needs to legalize almost all drugs. Regulate their purity and tax their use. The prices will drop through the floor making the cartels go belly up financially. One third of the tax money needs to be spent on education to keep kids from starting on drugs, one third needs to be used to rehab the dumb arses who start and want to stop using drugs. The remainder of the money can go to the general fund to help these overspending politicians balance the budget.

Comment Incomplete Picture (Score 3, Informative) 173

I run a wireless ISP in Texas. The cost of buying upstream bandwidth doesn't change much, it in fact gets cheaper per Mb/s as the pipes get huge. The real cost change is in delivery. The backbone between towers, and especially in the access points all have to be increased to accommodate the additional load. In some instances, the access points cannot technologically accommodate the load yet. The ISP model was designed on a over-subscription basis. In other words, you could have 10:1 users using a give bandwidth. With the advent of video like Netflix, this model is no longer going to be viable. We are seriously looking at having two different account types. One that will allow short video bursting, and one that will allow continuous video feeds. The latter account will cost much more than the former since it is what is driving the costs.

Comment ISP perspective (Score 1) 153

As the owner and operator of an ISP, I have to say that Net Neutrality would destroy the internet 'experience' for most users. Different networks must be managed different ways for technical reasons. The wireless side of our operation requires prioritization for traffic types in order to maintain quality to each customer. This requires me to prioritize VOIP higher than FTP and say streaming video. Without this, the network would be trashed. There simply is not enough bandwidth available at each access point to support connections that are not throttled and prioritized. The only type of net neutrality that might work across all network types would be a more general approach: The ISP cannot prioritize traffic based on monetary requirements the ISP makes from upstream providers. And all traffic types of the same type (VOIP for example) shall be treated the same regardless of connection end-points.

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