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Comment Re:What if (Score 1) 374

Congratulations on adding yet another ignorant comment to this non-discussion. The 25% now is on both the Ubuntu One store _and_ the Amazon store, so Gnome will now also get money from the Ubuntu One store as opposed to only getting money from the Amazon store.

I love your comment: it is the perfect combination of snideness and lack of knowledge that I've come to expect from Slashdot. Well done.

Comment Re:Automated transportation (Score 1) 337

> If it is more interesting to have a bot play instead of you all the time, then the game simply sucks.

That's not necessarily true, there are people who will see any game like a sort of competition, no matter how much fun it is to play on your own. For instance, I really enjoyed Battlefield 2 (and the only reason I don't play it any more is that I can't be bothered having to put the DVD in each time) but there are people who insist on playing it with an aimbot! In MMORPGs there is probably even greater motivation, you can have multiple machines focussed on obtaining elite gear for you.

> Moreover, if farming is required, the game sucks even more.

Can't disagree with you here.

Comment Re:KDE is very usable (Score 1) 322

My laptop has Vista and Ubuntu (GNOME-version) installed and I prefer using Gnome (and I use it most of the time). The best part is that the UI is much more consistent and I like that. In addition, I absolutely _love_ Scale and Expo and the idea of workspaces in general. Then again, I'm one of those people who still has the brown-orange theme that everyone rails about. I just like it, it's nice and comforting.

Comment Re:Window managers (Score 3, Insightful) 322

CompizConfiguration Settings Manager's interface isn't great, but you really shouldn't use the 'Advanced Search' as an example. The window you are showing is the final result of the actions. In the beginning it only has a few UI elements. As you search and select stuff, more tabs and boxes come into view. So while you're using it, it isn't as bad as that screenshot shows. Also, that is not the default search. There is already a simple search on the main page of that program and you have to choose Advanced Search to begin your journey to the screen you depict.

Really, there are more legitimate things to complain about. The fact that the means of activating different effects isn't consistent, for instance, really annoys me.

Example: You can set a Screen Edge/Corner, or a Mouse Button or a Keyboard button for most plugins in the plugin's own dialog. However, for Show Desktop, you have to go to the General section because the Show Desktop plugin only has other settings in its dialog.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 313

What?! I wish I could mod this, "-1, Clueless". So all I have to do to cause Nintendo trouble is to link a GPL program with their libraries? Awesome! See you later, I'm off to create a GPL program using Microsoft libraries. Windows will soon be open source. All hail!

What beats me is how you managed to write that comment without having an iota of common sense, let alone some knowledge of the subject.

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