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Comment Re:Did he sign for the letter? (Score 1) 571

Generally, when a lawsuit is first filed, it is served by Certified Mail or by a process server. However, SUBSEQUENT
filings etc are simply mailed "to the address of record, first class." Having established an address of record by the
first small claims suit, all after that was by first class mail. I see a little wiggle room here in that the small claims
was dismissed, but since the "admissions" pertained to this case, it probably was legally correct.

Comment Re: No downside - DWI v2 (Score 1) 655

Bars. So what you are saying is that "Driving While Intoxicated" V1.0 will be replaced with the non-criminal DWI V2.0 "Driven While Intoxicated." Love it.

Prostitutes will love it. "Hey, John, wanna have a little party?" "Sure, when." "My car with extra wide back seat will be here in 3 minutes and 22 seconds"

Philanderers having Nooners now will do it on the way to work.

Private Eyes will be dying to hack those cars for video footage.

Etc. Yes, it will transform *many* industries ... !

Comment Re:The Toilet!! (Score 1) 397

Toilets in general, but specific brand? Patented by T. John Crapper in the 1800's, his patents and manufacturing dominated 19th Century
England, Europe and the U.S. At a time when a man made $30-$50 a month in wages, his device netted him MILLIONS. Until the 20th
Century, and to a large extent today, the Paper Industry and the Deforestation so common today is due to Toilet Paper.

Comment Hershey Bar Phone - ugh (Score 1) 135

That Motorola F3 is a hershey bar phone. The type that started the term "butt dialing."
A better type of phone is the "flip phone" or the "slider phone." The Flip phone in particular
is popular with construction workers etc. where a smart phone would die in a day or two.

A friend of mine is a welder, and his flip phone skin looks like the surface of the moon, yet
it keeps on working. And like Bearhouse said, the battery lasts all week or more.

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