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Comment Hahahahaha! (Score 1) 519

"First, the U.S. government needs probable cause..." Yes, for a legal wiretap of which the recording is going to be used in court of law.
But, if all you want to do is to listen, record and then LEAK what you heard, then anything goes. Specially POLITICAL wiretaps. The
title of this piece should have been "How LEGAL wiretaps work."

Comment Re:The question is why, Why? WHY? (Score 1) 355

Because, sir, a robot cannot piss on the moon or Mars. Only people can do that.

Its like my friend's dog. It is a life support system for a stomach.
Similarly, the Lunar vehicles etc are just a system for getting a toilet to the Moon.
Or, if you are a low tech Luddite, a pissing stick. See how high you can "mark" it.

Comment Hard. You wont get it past OSHA (Score 1) 355

Or the greenies, the do gooders, the democrats, the pro-welfare state. To go space exploring will take BALLS, and there will be setbacks, loss of life, etc.
Today with modern materials, computers, Bigelows and the like, we can make the whole lander/capsule etc at a fraction of the weight, and if we use the
same safety standards we did in 1968, probably a fraction of the price as well. And there are LOTS of volunteers with "the right stuff."

Comment You gotta whip it out. (Score 1) 355

You got to whip it out and take a piss on it before you can claim to having been there. All we've ever done is to leave some
footprints and tire tracks. We need to go there and set up a base. Reusable rockets launched from orbit, and shuttle to the
moon over the years. Just gas them up in orbit - earth or moon orbit. And how can you guys claim "there is nothing up there."
We know for a fact a monolith was found in 2001, there could be lots up there. Diamonds, Gold, Helium-3. Lets put the
golden arches up there! Better than wasting money enriching insurance companies with Obamacare.
Late term abortion should be legal until age 8

Comment Can't buy a Linux desktop (Score 1) 224

There are few to none Linux desktops out there, forcing us to install Linux on a formerly windows machine. Sometimes the results are not pretty. I had good luck with Lenovo (in my case M93p, NVIDIA graphics, Small Form Factor -not tiny although that one works too). Still would be good if you could find in your Super
Duper computer store the rig you want, and choose Windows and/or Linux, AND PAY ACCORDINGLY.

Comment Here's my future dream ... (Score 1) 388

Free health care;
Late term abortion legal until age 8;
Generous guaranteed income;
Allow widespread use of killer robots by military;
Tax arab oil as it comes out of the ground over THERE;
(see above if they don't want to pay the tax);
Split the justice into PENAL and CORRECTIONS;
Allow dueling;
Allow for hunting of a rival IF you serve 5 years' first (but
the rival can kill you anytime);
If you are military, government worker; or on an entitlement,
such as Welfare, Food Stamps, etc. you don't get to VOTE
until you are off the system for, say, 5 years. (law enforcement
exempted, and military after 4 years in service);
A single woman can have an abortion, but if father does not
agree, then there is no child support due;
Illegal immigrants that are deported and then return, should
be executed;
All 2nd and up DUI's: Car is forfeit. Too bad if you have it
financed or borrowed from a friend; but,
Any person with a DUI, their license picture has a red background;
You kill someone while DUI, you get death penalty;
You sell a class A drug to a minor; death penalty;
All citizens (those that can vote), are required to have gun training;
Same sex unions are ok, and legally binding, but should NOT be
called "marriage";
If you sue someone, and lose, you pay yours and THEIR's legal bill.
There should be a national sales or consumption tax, NOT an
income tax;
A person 65 or over would not owe property tax on his primary residence;
An illegal alien needing health care is deported at the end of their care;
Companies hiring H1B workers need to put the job out for "bid" to make
sure the H1B person is needed and there is no alternative;
Companies owning factories overseas must pay a hefty import duty;
NAFTA and TPP need to be revised;
Trump's "wall" needs to have electrified wires, dogs, and autonomous
machine guns. Vultures become a protected species;

Comment It stalled NASA (Score 2) 87

I was 20 and in college, and I did not think too much on it. I regretted Gus Grissom, he was kind of a hero, before he got immolated. At the time -- and I still do -- that going to space was very dangerous, risky and absolutely romantic. Look what it did to NASA: they have become a do-nothing bureacracy that have put so many safety rules and protocols that nothing gets done. They were absolutely astounded when so many people applied for the one-way trip to Mars.

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