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Comment Re:The LHC should be destroyed (Score 4, Interesting) 1007

It's pretty obvious you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

In the first place, our current understanding is that black holes DO dissipate, through Hawking Radiation. Tiny black holes fade away almost instantaneously.

In the second place, tiny black holes are formed all the time. When interstellar dust hits the atmosphere, the resulting energy discharge can form tiny black holes, and fairly often. Most of them dissipate harmlessly.

Wait, there's more! Some black holes DO form when they hit the atmosphere and survive. Know what happens to them? Well, first consider how small a chunk of mass dense enough to be considered a black hole has to be when it's composed of the equivalent of a few protons. We are talking sub-electron size here. These black holes sink to the center of the Earth, but are so small they don't interact with any atoms on the way down. They sit at the center of the Earth, absorbing a new particle every few thousand years.

Events with the power of the LHC happen all the time at the edges of the atmosphere, and if they really had a reasonable capacity to cause a catastrophic event, it would have happened naturally many times over already.

That said, the night before collisions start, I'm having an End of the Universe party.


Submission + - Stop Uwe Boll's Crap Movies! (

areReady writes: Uwe Boll, the creator of the veritable hall of shame of the worst sci/fi fantasy movies of all time — particularly horrendous video game adaptations — has agreed to stop making movies if an online petition requesting that he stop gets 1,000,000 signatures. The time has come to wield the might of Slashdotters for the good of humanity.

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