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Comment Where's that guy from the Google Bus thread... (Score 1) 717

Who told me that until I work a 70+ hour week I'm not even trying...

This is definitely a problem, this is the D measuring contest of the IT world.

If anyone ever says this to me in real life I'm going to laugh them out of the room...

I "work" around 44 hours a week, I do about 20 hours of actual work, browse Reddit/Imgur/Hackernews/Slashdot the rest of the time...and I make 60K.

I am fine with this, I am never joining this D measuring contest in IT, so I hope you all die from work exhaustion soon....

Comment Is there really this much market share? (Score 1) 116

From my understanding, even with Nintendo and Microsoft selling less consoles, any open market share is being cornered by the pending Steam OS console and a flourishing PS4. This new Amazon based Android console wouldn't seem viable in the same market space. Android gaming is niche' to the say the least. Do you really need 4+ fully fledged consoles each with around 8% exclusive software titles (90% for Nintendo) plus the usual casual fair like Android/iOS games on smartphones and an ever present PC MasterRace? I don't think the market will take this kind of fragmentation. Fanboys aside, the platform that offers the best commodity services (3rd party apps, software store, online service) in addition to the greatest number of quality software titles, at the lowest cost of ownership/cost of entry should hold the most market share ( cough* PS3/4 cough*). And that doesn't seem to be the mentality of these new comer consoles that seem to be targeting Nintendo style niche marketing. So my question is, will Nintendo pull a Sega?

Comment Re:It might be an unpopular opinion... (Score 1) 822

There's also the slight difference in that civil rights protesters are recognized and rewarded by the government one day a year (MLK Day)....

The current government will never recognize or reward anyone for a Snowden-esqe whistleblowing.

The most will get out of this is a remember, remember the 5th of November kinda day.

Comment Re:So I was sitting behind a Gbus/Fbus on 85 today (Score 1) 692

Yes drag me into a semantic argument based on my word choices...

Would you prefer mind breaking? The point is, those perks are subsidized services for employees so they can lure you in, work you numb, then discard you in a few years for the next set of naive drones.

If working a 100 hour week makes you feel entitled to create, "son you don't know what real work is" posts, great, but I'm not impressed. I do have perspective, I have worked hard manual labor jobs...which is why I have a Masters in CS so I can sit in a cozy office and read posts complaining about exclusive employee perk systems...

You act like having an office job is a privilege, any idiot can slide into a cubicle these days, if you're stuck hanging dry wall that's your life choices that led you there and I could really give a damn.

Comment Re:So I was sitting behind a Gbus/Fbus on 85 today (Score 1) 692

One question...why? If I worked at Google I wouldn't want you on my bus. Google is a big machine. As someone who also works for a big machine, I'm only here for the perks and I have no interest in sharing with outsiders. You want my perks? Come break your back with me and work 60 hours a week...then the bus rides, free food, nap pods, etc. will seem less like privileges and more like justifications for your insanity...

Comment Re:When God speaks to Dawkins (Score 1) 674

No I believe the idea of God exists, and as it exists, at least, as people explain God to me and as far as I understand God as a concept using the Christian Bible, I reject any attribute of benevolence, I don't see it. So my comment is a little paradoxical. Maybe I didn't explain it well, basically its like, why would I believe in such a seemingly childish god? I am not against believing in things that lack current scientific validation, but the christian god is certainly not one of those things.

Comment Re:save us from *all* pseudo-science (Score 1) 674

The christian belief on "why there is stuff" has perhaps been well explained-- there is an eternal unchanging God who always was and always will be who willed everything into existence (I have no particular belief concerning the "how"-- a big bang works well enough, though).

I really hate that God always was and just tells us that is his explanation...just like I hate almost everything to do with Christianity. Atheism may have its concessions, but its still backed more by science than any religion. And anyone that doesn't gloss over the Christian God and make tons of excuses for Him would admit what a inconsistent wreck of a being it is. I was a Christian too, and I know how this is done. But then one day I get fed up with trying to bend reality for an alleged being that doesn't interact or communicate or appear to exist in any way.

Comment Re:When God speaks to Dawkins (Score 1) 674

Dawkins was raised as a Christian.

As someone also raised as a Christian, there's no way I would go back, even if God personally asked me back...

So far this thread is about the rational side of rejecting religion, but this is a more qualitative, personal approach. So personally, there's no alleged qualities of the Christian God that I find benevolent. He's a genocidal, manipulative, needy, self-ish being reminiscent of a psychotic girlfriend and I would suffer any fate to avoid it/him/her. Thankfully this makes sense, these are human traits and God is a human product, albeit a very dark, destructive one.

Comment Re:Hate comes in many forms (Score 1) 674

That is, why exactly hasn't religion gone away after all this time?

Because it's a meme with a lot of selective advantages. None of which have to do with it being true.

Personally, I choose to keep a more open mind to possible explanations of reality than Dawkins and (insert religious fundamentalist figurehead here) choose to.

Do you think anyone would have come up with wave particle duality if scientists weren't open minded? We're willing to consider anything, if there's evidence. If there's no evidence, then why waste your time?

It also solves death, provides an easy solution to meaning etc. If you look at historical religions as far back as history goes, all religions arise for exactly the same reasons. A reductionist explanation would be that all religion arises in response to an unknown i.e. we don't know if it'll rain, let's pray to the rain gods. We don't know what makes lighting, it must be a god, lets name him Thor. We don't know what happens when we die, lets pray to Ra and rap our bodies in linens hoping they re-animate after death. You could go on and on. Anything that lies outside or has lied outside of humanities direct control has been/or will be a god.

Comment Re:Hate comes in many forms (Score 1) 674

Personally, I choose to keep a more open mind to possible explanations of reality than Dawkins and (insert religious fundamentalist figurehead here) choose to.

I think Dawkin's lack of openness is somewhat intentional. It's like pushing back on years and years of unyielding, narrow minded religious culture. This is what the atheist side of being a bigot looks like. Honestly, I am also more open minded than the whole Dawkins parade lets on, but it feels amazing to have someone pushing back on the religious community with equal levels of unyielding stubbornness. They brought it on themselves, its a very reactionary movement especially if you look at communities like It's more than just being rational with your beliefs, there's a need to go a step beyond if you've been the victim of religious oppression like most have. I think in the end it will level out once we get several generation beyond the Millennials.

Comment An isolated problem (Score 1) 924

I encountered this problem more in cheaper theaters when I lived in a more impoverished area in a smaller sized town. It was mostly teenagers that had nothing better to do than sit in the back of a sparsely populated theater and troll its occupants by talking and laughing obnoxiously. It had nothing to do with the technology. I won't comment that these teenagers are normally of a specific minority or on the details of they the said area was impoverished for the sake of political correctness or that this so called "problem" is really a by-product of something much larger and really shouldn't be treated as a separate issue. But in summary, I live on a white side of town with expensive theaters with nice bars (the kind that serve drinks) and dine in areas and this problem doesn't exist. If someone's on their phone, I certainly don't notice and no one would pay the prices my theater charges to sit and chat in the middle of the movies.

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