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Comment Re:Smart, hydrogen clearly superior.... (Score 1) 124

You've got it backwards. Until there is high demand for hydrogen, there is (economically) no reason to move to eco-friendly, sustainable ways to generate hydrogen. Using current hydrogen production technologies, there simply wouldn't be enough hydrogen to power all-hydrogen transportation. However, the demand for hydrogen simply isn't high enough to move to better production processes. By getting hydrogen powered vehicles on the road and increasing the demand for hydrogen, things like HTE become economically feasible. New power plants can be built with HTE in mind from day one. And there's research going on now to retrofit existing power plants with HTE production.

Comment Re:Snowden is a traitor and a coward (Score 4, Insightful) 299

See, this attitude is the problem. It's not about whether or not you truly have something to hide. It's about whether or not your government could use its unfettered access to your personal communications to associate you or your circumstance with its profile of an "enemy" or a "criminal" without regard for context. It could be something as simple as placing you at the scene of or finding motive for a crime you had nothing to do with, so you find yourself the target of an investigation, or facing an indictment. Even if you win the trial (because it turns out their evidence was only circumstantial and not enough to convict), your life is ruined. Your friends and family will suspect you may actually have been guilty. You will lose your job. You'll be out legal fees. Or it could be something along the lines of building a profile about you and putting you on the top secret "terrorist watch list" because you once made a joke in an IM to a close friend that met some automated criteria. Or maybe over time the criteria that associates somebody with a terrorist changes, and the government starts targeting people who closely fit your political beliefs, geographic region, ethnicity, religion or circle of friends. Perhaps you won't even know this until you try to board a flight, or exercise a constitutional right. Not to mention there are over 4000 crimes in the US code alone. Are you 100% certain you have never broken any of these statutes? Further, even if you trust your government not to abuse this data, our government has shown the world that it's ok to spy on its citizens because it even does that itself. It's a welcome for any other nation, friend or foe, to likewise intercept, datamine and correlate online behavior for building profiles on American citizens.

Comment Re:Extended Patriot Act (Score 1) 445

Because everybody is too swept up in party politics to care about content and actually fixing things. It's much more fun to be part of a rivalry.

Seriously, this bill was bad, but too many people here on Slashdot are incapable of seeing how. It AUTHORIZES mass data collection and surveillance, just puts some extra parameters around it. Shouldn't our goal be to shut down mass data collection and surveillance?

Comment Re:3rd party = republican (Score 1) 165

That's funny, because the Republicans tell me the exact same thing - a vote for a third party is a vote for a Democrat. Tell me more about how the Democrats are better than the Republicans on government spying, warrantless wiretapping, stop-and-frisk programs, interstate border checkpoints and cash seizures. Hint: they're not. They both want to datamine everything you do online. They both want to fill prisons with non-violent criminals while letting the violently insane mix into society as if there's nothing wrong with them. They both want to pretend drug addictions don't exist, and let those suffering from real addiction only find help from their dealer. I was to believe the Democrats were going to "Change" all that, but they're exactly the same. Saying is not the same as doing. By electing the same old shit, we're never going to see voting reform, term limits or districting reform. By electing the same old shit, we're never going to see any real issues addressed, just those that the two parties know are divisive enough to polarize the electorate and guarantee their reelection.

You have only proven my point by claiming a vote for a third party is a vote for a Republican. I still get told all the time that it's my fault a Democrat was elected Governor of Virginia because I voted for a third party. The fact is, many people only vote Democrat or Republican because they don't want "the other guy" to win. The only way to fix that is to institute something like instant run-off voting, but Democrats and Republicans won't allow that. They won't even allow third party candidates to join them in a public debate.

A vote for a third party is a vote for a third party. Anything else is a vote for the status quo, and a vote to continue the distractions that only serve to empower the two parties

Comment Got mine yesterday - Intriguing device (Score 4, Informative) 135

I picked one up yesterday. I like the form factor. It's not as bulky as my MOTOACTV, but it still seems to have a lot of usefulness. Some of the things missing out of the gate include the ability to do voice input if you're on anything but Windows Phone 8.1, the ability to load music on it and use it without your phone for a run (with bluetooth headphones - something my MOTOACTV can do), and I really wish it had NFC so I can use it for mobile payments.

As for the first two gripes, those may get fixed with a future software update. The last one I guess I'll have to get over. I can use my phone.

All in all, it seems Microsoft may finally be thinking outside the box. Not everyone wants a microtablet on their wrist, and with the right software updates, this thing could be just as capable.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best Valentine Day Gift from Nerds? (

retroworks writes: is increasingly setting itself apart from the 1970s B-Movie-Mad-Magazine days, with some interesting online writing and a huge following on Facebook. Today, Cracked posted an article on the top ten "geek" gifts for Valentines Day, going to tired old staples like "one ring to rule them all" and a "chunk of gallium". Ok, I'd dig the gallium. But can Slashdot suggest another valentines day gift besides "non-BETA" /.? (The answer may be "NO")

Submission + - Why Open Source Projects Can't Compete With Commercial Products (

archmcd writes: Claire from takes a look at two puzzling UI design decisions from two separate OSS projects and explores why the developers' egos prevent them from competing with more responsive commercial products that actively solicit and consider the feedback from their user base. Pidgin back in 2006 decided to abolish the manually resizable input box, and Firefox more recently changed the behavior of the quit function in its OS X version, puzzlingly in a way inconsistent with its behavior in other modern operating systems.

Comment Come stand trial. (Score 0, Flamebait) 315

It's BS that Snowden is unwilling to come back to the US to stand trial. I'm sure there are plenty of great lawyers who would work pro bono to take his landmark case, and if he was willing to fight, he might be able to affect more change to the government spying program and achieve the goals he set out to reach.

Comment Re:©anoni©al won't work, they're still F (Score 1) 121

There's a lot of Unity hate going on, and I admit, when it first launched it was an utter failure. You couldn't resize the icon bar, it was missing a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts, searching for a program didn't allow you to directly launch with the keyboard and it was otherwise just generally unusable. I decided to give it another shot recently, however, and it's come a long way, even matured into a fully usable and efficient UI. I can auto-hide the iconbar, resize it, and the search box is fantastic! If you press the "Windows" key, it opens up the search interface. You don't even have to type the name of the app you want, just start typing what you want to do! For instance, if I type in "gam" brings up Steam, Minecraft and ScummVM. If I hit enter, the first item in the search results will launch. Then I discovered the new keyboard shortcuts. Hold down the Windows key and a keyboard shortcut cheatsheet will appear, and they are incredibly useful. I am now a fan of Unity.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Where do you draw the line on GPL v2 derived works and fees? ( 12

Shifuimam writes: I downloaded a DOSBox port for Android recently to get back into all the games of my childhood. Turns out that the only free distribution available hasn't been updated in nearly two years, so I looked for alternatives.

There are two on Google Play — DOSBox Turbo and "DOSBot". Both charge a fee — DOSBox Turbo is $3.99; DOSBot is $0.99. The developer of DOSBot says on his Google Play entry that he will not release the source code of his application because it's not GPL, even though it's derived from source released under GPL v2 — this is definitely a violation of the license. The developer of DOSBox Turbo is refusing to release the source for his application unless you pay the $3.99 to "buy" a license of it.

The same developer explicitly states that the "small" fee (although one might argue that $3.99 is pretty expensive for an OSS Android app) is to cover the cost of development. Unless I'm misreading the text of GPL v2, a fee can only be charged to cover the cost of the distribution of a program or derived work, not the cost of development. And, of course, it doesn't cost the developer anything for someone to log in to Google Play and download their app. In fact, from what I can tell, there's a one-time $25 fee to register for Google Checkout, after which releasing apps is free.

Where do you draw the line on this? What do you do in this kind of situation?

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