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Comment Re:How many lives are saved by air pollution (Score 1) 123

We certainly aren't going to take away clean water, etc from people just to cut down on pollution, but we can reduce the amount of pollution generated by those services. We have good ways of making clean electricity for clean water and hospital power. I don't think we're ready for electric ambulances or shipping yet. And we definitely won't have electric LifeFlight helicopters soon.

Comment Or is life more stressful? (Score 1) 432

Is there any study showing that life today is more -- or less -- stressful than life decades ago? These days, it seems like both parents need to work in order to have enough money to raise kids. Further, the kids need to do more extracurricular activity to get into a good college, which means the parents spend more time driving around.

To be clear, that is just my observation. I have not done an objective study to measure stress. I just don't think we should blame the medical industry until we've ruled out the other possible cause(s) for more people with mental health issues.

Comment Re:Blaming the Wrong folks, Probably in Trouble. (Score 1) 284

>> It's like a billionaire asking why they can pay a tax of a 1/2 million dollars as pocket change ...

Especially since combustion of fossil fuels significantly aided our billionaires in gaining those billions. But hey, if things go to heck in a handbasket, at least they'll have their virtual bank accounts with which they can buy food...

Comment Re:Last Post (Score 1) 33

I actually do use different names and passwords for each account. The email address doesn't change though, which means someone could try using it on other sites to try getting my username and resetting my password at those other sites.

Even less important accounts can have serious side effects if compromised. Say someone got hold of my /. account. No, they can't drain my bank account, but they could post stuff so threatening that law enforcement comes knocking on my door. After legwork and legal fees, I would be able to prove I didn't post that stuff, but that's still a lot of stress and wasted time&money.

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