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Comment Re:Wrong? (Score 2, Interesting) 318

Congressman, is that you?

Vandalism requires physical harm. The hardware is not damaged.

No, vandalism requires changing physical properties of something, but not necessarily harm. Spray painting my fence with gang signs isn't "harm", but it requires me to fork out $X to have it repainted, thus costing money to remedy.

Someone will no doubt say "oh, but they image those phones every night, so it doesn't matter." Well, even if I paint my fence yearly, why should it be defaced between paintings?

Dangit, I should have made a car reference.

Comment Re:It's down to the cost of one disk? (Score 1) 551

It's easy in WIndows if you know what software to download, assuming that you know that you need to. On a Mac it's brain dead easy since the software is included.

Windows 7 lets you double-click on an ISO and it automatically comes up with built-in burning software. I do it all the time with Technet stuff and haven't had a bad image or a coaster yet.
Download ISO - double click - load DVD - click "burn" - done.

Comment Re:Captain obvious (Score 4, Insightful) 324

A regular FPS shouldn't adopt this.

correct, mostly because of the large amount of ammo carried in regular FPS games. 700 rounds of 7.62mm, 500x5.56mm, 12 grenades, eight rockets, four medkits, (ad nauseum). I love running at full speed, jumping and strafing whilst carrying 230 lb of ammo, not including weapons, armor and a NAV system.

If I wanted realism, I would have joined the Corps years ago.

Comment Re:SImple non-dictionary passwords (Score 1) 563

simple six-letter passwords like ameski would be broken immediately by a brute force non-dictionary attack, say if you put that on a zip/rar archive. That is a case of something that is easy for the human brain to remember, but easy for a computer to solve. I would rather see J4m3$t1b3r1u$k1rk. Far easier to remember using substitution, and it meets the standards of most of the password policies out there. It could even be too long/complex for some websites, which has already been addressed in the thread.

Comment Re:changing passwords frequently makes no sense (Score 2, Insightful) 563

The solution is: 1) Find out what the problem is in the existing system that people are working around by sharing problems, and 2) Address that problem in a way that removes the incentive to share passwords.

Well put. Should be modded up. (the rest directed to monkeedude)
I have been managing small networks for about 13 years, and your post is exactly the problem. A relative "n00b" thinks they can dictate the way users work by putting a network in place and telling users to do it a certain way.

Well, that doesn't fly. In any small network, you have to look at the work flow and figure out what information these users need in order to complete their tasks. If Bob and Suzie need to share files, for goodness sake, map them an X: drive to a server, give them rights, and move on. Do it however you choose, script-wise, but do it. Use Groups. Plan your resources. This is Network Admin 101. Above all, work with the users, don't just think you're going to slap them on the wrist when they don't do it "your way".

Have you introduced this problem to your manager? What do they say? If your responses belong to your manager, then your manager doesn't have a great deal of experience in the IT field either. I'm not attempting to bash your post, but your entire point of view regarding management of the network should really be re-assessed. Some small network admins get those kinds of ideas in their heads and never let it go. My suggestion to you: let it go. Work with management to establish network documentation: Best Practices, Internet Usage, and a Policy and Procedure manual (see HR for help. yes, they are two completely different things). Establishing documentation will help the users better understand what's going on, even if they don't become immediately savvy. Working with the users to figure out their issues with the computer system will be a learning experience for you, too. Be open-minded and leave any defensive attitude at the door, as someone is bound to say something that you will want to take personally. Get past this phase of the network growth and you will reap the benefits.

Comment Re:What about the downsides? (Score 4, Funny) 252

I grew up in a small bear-farming village, a tiny population in a state with one of the lowest levels of bears, with no bear repellent whatsoever. I had absolutely terrible bear attacks, up to and including death, eyes glued shut due to "blood" (secretions), and the need for serious surgery that didn't really help much.

The best thing I ever did was move to a city, get bear repellent, and stay the fuck away from the bears, bears, and other bears that made my life a living hell. I didn't get bear attacks from living in the city as you so erroneously imply, I got them from being exposed to bears in the first place, and short of paving the planet, a large city with relatively few bears is in my experience an ideal environment for those who suffer from bear attacks, Manbearpig notwithstanding.

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