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Comment iPhone only? (Score 1) 226

I have to say, this little piece got me interested in the iPhone. But, I've got a question for the Slashdot crowds who are experts on such things... I don't want to buy an iPhone (as I have a perfectly fine phone now), but I want to use this Brushes app. Would it also work on an iPod Touch?
Pardon the potentially stupid question.

Comment Re:Used PC games at gamestop? (Score 1) 376

You won't. Gamestop doesn't take used PC games... Which doesn't surpise me since a good deal of the PC games I've had over the years had a CD key or some other form of "copy protection" or "DRM", etc.

Still, the point remains that {Big Game Co.} wouldn't want me to sell my copy of {Hit Game} to my friend for less than retail value when they're still selling it.

Comment My experience quiting caffeine (Score 1) 700

Every year, my buddy and I give up caffeine for Lent. We're not that religious, but it's something "good for us". This year wasn't so bad. a little lethargy the first day and that was it. Then again, I usually stick to Pepsi/Coke.

Last year, however, was the first year I tried giving up caffeine. I don't really remember that day. Oh, I remember that I traveled to work, "something" happened and I went home and slept, but... The details are incredibly fuzzy.

All that said. ... I really miss Dr. Pepper. Why don't they make a caffeine-free Dr. Pepper? Why, God, WHY?!

(Okay, so I'm a Dr. Pepper addict. Don't judge me!)

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 226

I don't have the right to other people's work without paying. I just expect that when I drop $70 for a game (sprcifically, Spore and the Creepy & Cute parts pack), I expect it to actually run when I install it without having to contact EA's support team and still be forced to shut down certain applications and processes for the game to even start. Pardon me for not wanting to be treated like a criminal when I actually pay for a game.

Apparently, Spore and SecuROM don't like Microsoft's own ctfmon.exe.

Comment Re:The XBOX 360 is Just as Expensive as the PS3 (Score 1) 232

1) If you happen to have an old laptop with wireless capabilities, it can act as a wireless adapter for the 360 with a little tweaking. "Little tweaking" meaning going to and following directions.

2) A PS3 controller is $55 while a 360 controller is $50 without the recharable batteries. Got me on this one.

3) eBay. Some individual get a discount for buying the cards in bulk and will pass (some) of the savings on to you.

Comment Re:Game moddability (Score 1) 158

Despite the fact that the Source engine is used for a lot of FPS games, I've seen FPS engines used to make games of other genres, as well. I'l sure I've played 2-and-a-half-D platformer that was made using the source Engine. (indie game, don't remember the title).
Plus, the game Anachronox was built using the Quake 2 engine. A really under-rated RPG, IMHO.

Comment Re:Oh Noes! (Score 1) 583

This wasn't an issue of tossing the console around the room while playing a game.
The day I got Gears of War, I popped the disc in and bumped my TV stand that happened to have my 360 in it. Apaprently the gentile nudge was enough to gouge a nice half-circle into the disc, rending 10 minutes of the game completely unplayable.

I've had this happen with two games before a Gamestop employee gave me a half-decent solution. Apparently, laying the console on its side reduces the risk. The disc drive in the console was never meant to be stood up the way it's shown in, oh, every advertisement and manual.

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