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Comment Re:Parody is Fine (Score 1) 565

Its funny how some people will claim things like freedom of speech but turn it around and use it against them it goes from being fine to wrong. Sad how Double standard is growing so bad in this country. One group people will go someone claim they can go cause they got freedom of speech but then go to their place and do the same thing and you don't have that same right.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 304

How often do you see picture of 3 black teens that isn't in news over some crime? At this point seeing that on new's is as certain as death and tax's at this point. Funny thing is this stuff has been happening for years but a lot of it been kept to local news. With the internet 1 search you see how much this is really going on and people are mad they are forced to swallow the red bill of truth instead of the blue pill of lie's.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 304

How about smiling, being respectful and saying "thank you" to black people? That's the fastest way I can defuse any situation with a black person on the street, as most black people are afraid of crazy white folks.

Here is the problem though, Blacks kill other blacks in mass on a weekly basis, They need to see themselves first killing each other needs to stop before they expect cops to calm down though blaming cops for everything is just the smoke screen.

Comment Re:Is McDonalds going to subsidize this? (Score 1) 1023

Um if you look at how much those robots will save a store over 6 months, its would be a worth while thing for that 81% of them.that robot can work 24/7. 1 doing fries can save that store many 1000's a week alone. a robot that costs 35grand that can work 24/7 for 0$ an hour vs 3 employee's that work 8 hours a day @ 15$ an hour. that is 2500$ a week they save just for fries. The robot pays for it self 3-4 months.

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