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Comment yet clinton.... (Score 0) 1430

" And the ethics lawyers for both President Obama and President Bush both told one liberal site "that if Trump continues to retain ownership over his sprawling business interests by the time the electors meet on December 19, they should reject Trump."" Yet they had NO problem with Hillary and Bill running their foundation during time she was running the state department til it BECAME a problem but by time it did it was well after the fact. Trump is not a moron like Clinton's and is transferring power over those business's to his children. Its not something can be done over night it will take some time for to happen.

Comment Re:Two big problems here (Score 2) 299

here is another big problem "these three states after computer scientists discovered Clinton averaged 7% worse in counties with e-voting machines vs. counties with only paper or optical scan ballots" Michigan Is a PAPER BALLOT state, we don't use e-voting machines here so their claim is baseless here. In PA you need to show proof of it and what they provided was nothing close to be counted as proof.

Comment Re:Why won't Democrats support the outcome? (Score 1) 1321

Only proof of voting fraud that has come out has been against the democrat's to start with. There has been undercover videos on youtube of people that work for DNC talking about how they would do it and have been doing it for very long time. So reality is ones crying foul atm are ones that have evidence against them that they have been committing it.

Comment dell inspiron 15 gaming (Score 1) 315

i have one these with i7 6700HQ in it paid 700$ cause coupon sale i bought it on but it starts at 900$ with a gtx960m atm though probably get updated soon which i think would stomp a mac pro. biggest Minus is only Hybrid HDD + 8G Cache. When only paying 900$ vs 2grand+ can just buy an m.2 drive and still save a ton of money.

Comment Re:It's the rational decision (Score 2) 476

Spoken like a True Democrat that ignores facts and statistic's. Like how African american teens are 10 times more likely to commit a homicide then whites and Hispanic's COMBINED. African american's in general are 8 times more likely commit a Homicide then Whites and Hispanic's COMBINED. Facts and stats show there is a very violent sub culture in african American community. You claim its a perception but the facts show the truth, 647 people been killed in chicago this year( as of right now), Outta all those people only 6 were at the hands of a cop. Outta all those 647 people 481 were African American's killed. Take 1 guess at only time they ever protested? The site doesn't break down racial or ethnicity of 6 people killed by police but least 475 weren't killed by police but that was only time they ever protest is when its a person wear a badge.

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