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Comment Re:The nature of the Trump-fans is pretty obvious (Score 1, Troll) 342

Um you just comfused Hillary fans with Trump fans. Its Left side that has been the Violent one's at every turn. Look at the BLM that support's Hillary. Looting, Arson, Destruction. Stop with Leftist Lie's, hiding the fact is Leftist Soro's funded people that are the violent ones.

Comment Re:I hope Trump capitalizes on this (Score 1) 338

Trump is only one of the 2 would even touch and attack this crap issue. Even other idiot says trump wants to pay workers less, no he said the increase in pay should be left up to the states cause some states don't need 15$ an hour min cause cost of living in cheaper. Sadly 15$ an hour would push more of this crap forward with companies replacing workers with cheap labor from india or china or a robot.

Comment Re:Any Evidence that this story is correct? (Score 1) 569

Here is what we know for a fact, 30k emails WERE deleted after the subpoena, If they used such a program to make sure they never could be recovered well that does show sign of something to hide cause in case like this if they weren't anything bad then let investigators see them to prove you didn't have anything to hide. You destroy them if they are very damning and could put you in prison for a LONG time. Conspiracy theory that all you want but its fact and truth of what person will do, like Tom Brady did with his cell phone he had destroyed AFTER he knew NFL wanted it.

Comment Re:Deflection (Score 0) 569

There are a lot of her supporters ONLY voting for her cause they want to see a women as president which is dumbest reason to vote for someone. They voted for Obama cause he is black, how has that worked out for this country? 20trillion in debt, worst recovery probably in history, sky rocketing people on food stamps, sky rocketing health costs.

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