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Submission + - Finally, an energy drink for the rest of us: Sudo Drink (

rjamestaylor writes: The Cloud is powered by open source and energy drinks—isn't it about time that these come together? Some on Github think so and have started "sudo drink": "the basic concept is an open source energy drink. 25% (or some number) of the profit is donated to FOSS projects."

Submission + - 50 years from now, science to achieve God-like abilities (

nathan_w_cheng writes: 50 years ago, Isaac Asimov described in the New York Times what the World’s Fair of 2014 might be like. Whereas Asimov’s predictions were to some “shockingly conservative,” it is impossible to have such conservative thoughts about the world 50 years from now. With 2014 as our starting point, in technological terms, 50 years is an incredibly long time. How far will we get if every decade for the next five sees the same level of scientific advancement as this past decade? Below, I reference over 100 articles to help us answer this question.

Comment Re:half million? (Score 1) 195

Money is the abstraction of human effort. The point isn't who prints it or how much of it there is, the point is the hard work it represents, whether that work is pouring concrete or managing a hedge fund. To say that it doesn't really belong to individuals, but rather the government, is to say the fruits of their own labor does not belong to the individual, but rather to the collective. Sounds pretty communist to be.

Comment Re:half million? (Score 1, Insightful) 195

But I'd rather fund a new startup that fails, rather than fund the good-ol boy network that siphons money off the top to fund their retirement account.

Or they could refrain from confiscating people's hard earned money at gunpoint to hand out to favored group, whether it's the good-ol boy network or some green nonsense.

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