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Comment Re:Holographic movies (Score 1) 86

I am not going to weigh in on all the issues here, but I interned at Jason's studio long ago when his current interns were probably infants. You don't have to be an intern there to go visit the webpage for Holographic Studios and see things like this:


Look for the part about how many lasers you need. The technique can be as simple as something called a pre-swell of the emulsion and some selective exposures.

If you are reading this, check out his site and definitely watch the movie. Jason didn't get his body of work stretching over decades by nay-saying and giving up on things that seemed impossible to others. It is a good attitude for anything you do.


Submission + - Apple Censors iMac Complaints (

arakis writes: Tomshardware is running a story [] about Apple censoring an ongoing complaints thread about the new iMacs having faded screens. The complaints appear to have attracted attention: "From August 7 to November 18, a 95 day period, the thread chalked up an impressive 15,000+ hits, an average of about 158 hits per day. However, in the time since then, November 19 to December 10, a period of only 21 days, the thread gained an additional 9000 hits, an average of about 429 hits per day." Apple is responding to the issue by replacing posts with error messages and not acknowledging the issue.

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