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Comment Re:what is interesting is not that it won (Score 1) 591

You have to be kidding. I am all for what this bill stood for but you do not pass legislature of any kind just because it has good "intentions". Clinton had good intentions with Sub-Prime Mortgages. Bush had good intentions with No Child Left Behind. Unfortunately for your beliefs: The courts stick to what the letter of the law says. Sub-Prime mortgage bubble? Totally legal. Also totally predictable. Children in 10th grade who are illiterate (Atlanta). Totally predictable. The devil is in the detail. ACA while meaning well has turned to junk. The insurance companies reaction to ACA? 100% predictable. Why would they stomach the cost and not pass it on to the consumer? This is why many people saw insurance bills go from $120 to $350 a month over a 2 year period. This is a slippery slope. There must have been a better way to implement ACA. The courts just gave congress the right and unquestionable ability to create a "Tax" for anything. You never served in the military? No Heroes and Service Tax break. Oh, you dont think the new taxes are fair? Just join the military and these taxes wont be applicable to you. We are not forcing you to do anything. You will just be taxed if you don't.

Comment The universe is probably teeming with life, but... (Score 1) 608

Amazingly on point and intelligent comment; however, this being the internet and all I will throw in some poorly thought out philosophy. "Also, wanting to communicate and explore is inherently a human desire, and whatever neo-human-cyber-whatever descendants emerge from the Singularity might not have the same desires. And I can predict their desires much more accurately than I could an aliens." Or maybe other creatures are intelligent enough to know their limitations. Almost all creatures of evolution ( I cannot speak on behalf of creationist whose world began merely 7-10K years ago. ) will not try to explore or 'rock the boat' unless living conditions have become harsh or less than ideally paired with their evolutionary abilities. Unfortunately this is true with humans too. I do not think the money or full effort will be given to planet colonization until the shiz hits the fan and the time needed is far longer than the time available. Perhaps this has already played out time and time again with other beings in other universes.

Comment Re:Just switched to sprint (Score 1) 207

The cake is a lie. I joined sprint in 2009. I was promised 3g would improve by end of the year. Using the 1 year upgrade (which they canceled for everyone) I upgraded to a new phone thinking it was the phones fault. Still bad service but they promised 4g Wimax by the end of the year in my city...3 years later I still dont have 3g or 4g. Ive been in a couple emergency situations and had no service around Philly, Princeton Nj, and even outside of Baltimore. They push back the roll outs or just silently cancel them. Calling Sprint does no good as the reps always do the same thing. 1. Check for outages 2. Check your PRL/Software 3. Make you reboot your phone 4. Claim its you phone and you can pay $50-$100 for us to look at it and tell you its not broken. 5. (repeat) Store rep tells you he cant do anything on his end and I would have to call customer service to resolve said issues. Save your money and dont drink the kool-aid

Comment You cant be this blind (Score 0) 251

Honestly, How are you not tired of blaming the bankers on this one. They did their job. The US Govt set up sub-prime mortgages and then it became a game of "offer sub prime loans or go out of business". So they offered less then logical mortgages to people who could never afford them. How does the bank make money off this? They essentially sell it, the insurance on it, and everything to do with it. So i guess the banks should have just went out of business because of Govt intervention? Stomached the bad loans? Or just hold onto them and do the same exact thing that happened but on a per bank basis. It was a bubble and it was going to burst with or without the trades involved. The rates fell through the floor because of the massive increase in mortgages. I assume a good amount of you locked in at a lower rate, you have only those Evil Bankers who were doing their job to thank. It is a little disheartening that the Govt caused this and then only bailed out the Corporations who made tons of money off it. Is it Clintons fault for creating sub prime mortgages? Maybe. Was it George W for extending them through out his term? Probably just as much as Clinton is to blame.

Comment Re:Anonymous has become Batman. (Score 1) 436

The defense would have to prove these videos were infarct obtained illegally, while the prosecution tries to prove they were obtained legally. Logically the burden is on the defense because the football players posted the videos on a public social website. Thus making it publicly accessible, and legally obtainable at the time of posting. Unfortunately (in this case) we dont live in ancient Rome, and the burden is placed on prosecution to prove the video was obtained legally.So was it obtained prior to them deleting it? Will they subpoena the social media sites? I can see this quickly becoming a case of "how does the judge feel that day". -Internet-Fake-Lawyer

Comment Anonomotomus (Score 2) 111

Thats kinda the point of Anon. It has never been this is the leader and here is what we are gonna do. It was more of a bunch of angry people, or stupid, or bored, or someone just looking to hide behind the mask of anon, trying to do something. Good? Bad? Logical? Every time its something different. Its not a collective as much as a revolving door to a community room.

Comment Games Trailing Hardware (Score 1) 182

I remember it was extremely expensive to get the original Crysis to Maximum settings. I reckon I could run this on Ultra for right around $500. Although my current rig will more than handle it as there has been no need to upgrade anything on any gaming rig since SSD became affordable. Games dont seem to be able to catch up with the hardware... If the new MS and PS consoles offered keyboard controller support, i dont think traditional PC gaming would have a leg to stand on. Why upgrade your pc when you get "good enough" on console. Mods and dedicated servers would be the only reason to still game on a desktop.

Comment Re:Theocracies (Score 1) 862

The original writing of Genesis says "When it was done" not on the first day. Way back someone translated it because a work day is usually a task from beginning to end. This stuck and creates alot of problems with the book contradicting itself on the first page. How can you have a day and night before the sun was even created? The actual translation makes sense and leaves ample room for the Days of creation to become Millions or Billions of years. God created creatures and let them evolve. When he though they were at a good point, lets add some intelligence to these apes and make man.
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Could a 'Death Star' really destroy a planet? (

aquabats writes: "Mirroring many late night caffeine-fueled arguments among Sci-Fi fans, a University of Leicester researcher asks the question:
Could a small moon-sized battle station generate enough energy to destroy an Earth-sized planet?
A paper by David Boulderston (University of Leicester) sets out to answer that very question."

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