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Submission + - Driving to shops better for planet then walking?

apodyopsis writes: The Times Online has done some research into uses of carbon, and come up with some startling research. rticle2195538.ece

from TFA:

"The climate could benefit if people avoided exercise, ate less and became couch potatoes. Provided, of course, they remembered to switch off the TV rather than leaving it on standby."

Submission + - Petition the Prime Minister on BBC Microsoft Deal (

apodyopsis writes: "There is a e-Petition on the UK government website about the recently announced BBC/Microsoft deal to use Windows based DRM on the BBC website. The petition asks the Prime Minister to raise this issue in parliament. From the e-Petition:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to raise the subject of the Microsoft BBC deal to parliment."

"The BBC has announced that its iPlayer due for release later this year will be based around proprietary Microsoft codecs and DRM and hence be neither open source or available to some operating systems. This has already been raised and criticized by the OSC (Open Source Consortium). More information can be found on the BBC website and on the open source consortium website. This goes against common sense and government or BBC policy to be open."

e-Petition is here:

Email your friends, pass the link, post it on newsgroups. Anything you can to raise the publicity of this.

e-Petitions do get responses, remember the one about car pay-by-mile systems that forced a personal response from the Prime Minister.

(Disclaimer: I helped setup this petition)"


Submission + - Gary McKinnon loses extradition fight

apodyopsis writes: from TFA

A British man has lost his High Court fight against extradition to the US for allegedly carrying out the "biggest military computer hack of all time".

Glasgow-born Gary McKinnon, 41, is accused of gaining access to 97 US military and Nasa computers.

Home Secretary John Reid granted the US request to extradite him for trial.

At the High Court in London, his lawyers argued he had been subjected to "improper threats" and the move would breach his human rights

Submission + - Star Trek themed flat, up for sale again.

apodyopsis writes: He originally themed his one-bed home on Captain Kirk's famous Enterprise spaceship and tried to sell it for £1.25MILLION, but could not find a buyer. He then updated it to a replica of the later Voyager version, with touch-panel blue lighting, moulded wall panels — and a life-size transporter room."

more on: flat_up_for_s.html

He went bankrupt and split up with his misses over this!

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