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Journal Journal: Is the 360 Winning the Console War?

A Betanews article talks about how Microsoft and Xbox360 are selling more consoles with the Wii and PS3 in short supply. During the Thanksgiving holiday the Xbox360 sold 100,000 consoles a day. In Japan though they aren't doing so well, which is good for the consumers. Xbox360's are selling Blue Dragon packaged deals for 29,800 yen - approximately $259 in US dollars.

From the Betanews article:

Sources say the company sold as many as 100,000 consoles per day in the period surrounding Thanksgiving weekend. Numbers were on the high end of expectations, according to the data.

Additionally, Microsoft was helped out by weaker than expected sales of both the Wii and PS3 during the same period, indicating that shoppers looking for a next-gen console may have been opting for Microsoft's entrant over others due to availability.
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Journal Journal: Lycos Launched New 3GB E-mail

Looks like Lycos.com launched their new e-mail service. While Google and Yahoo upgraded over a year ago, Lycos was still sporting the old 5MB e-mail limit. Now they offer 3GB. It also appears that you can add more e-mails to the block sender list (it's now 1000, where it use to be something like 50), no more pop up ads, and it seems to run faster along with the new look.

I may start using my Lycos.com account again with this new upgrade.

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