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Submission + - 60 people killed and many more injured in terrorist attack in Nice, France (bbc.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A truck slowly drove towards a crowd, accelerated and then hit people on the famous Promenade des Anglais shortly after celebratory fireworks had ended. July 14th is a national holiday in remembrance of the attack on the Bastille which started the French Revolution. The truck reportedly drove more than a mile before the driver was shot and the truck stopped.

Submission + - Pokemon GO having unexpected health benefits for users (abc.net.au)

aphelion_rock writes: Users of Pokemon GO are reporting that they are feeling better, many reporting that the game is reversing the effects of mental illness. The simple fact that people who have spent most of their lives sitting in chairs are finally going outside and getting some exercise is having positive effects on their mental health.
"In the times since I've had the app I've been out just walking way more than normally would. It's made me feel really good," says Alex Tullet, a young game designer with anxiety and depression.

Submission + - SPAM: How to refurbish antique software

need4speed writes: Has anyone ever heard of the term "antique software?" Maybe not 35 years ago, but now there is an entire field around antique software restoration, and it's growing. For the games industry, it's already moving forward with "Witness Good Old Games selling preconfigured DOSBox instances coupled with old IP to make a one-click game that works on Windows 10," said the author.

The author writes that he has been working in the software restoration field for some time ever since he "discovered a parcel of unreleased Atari 2600 and ColecoVision games on bare EPROMS at a flea market in 2008." The next project was Habitat, the first graphical massively multiplayer game from 1986.

"In the end, we’re only to the point now where we can share the original code. The next step is the restoration process. That should only take a few years," he said. The best thing to do is to put all these things on GitHub. There are many solutions to restoring old software, said the author, but until then the museum of antique software can remain on GitHub.

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Submission + - Chilcot report: Iraq invasion 'not justified', UK government report finds (theage.com.au)

aphelion_rock writes: The UK chose to invade Iraq in 2003 based on flawed intelligence that should have been challenged but wasn't, and which was presented in a way that glossed over reservations and ambiguities, according to the long-awaited "Chilcot report".
British prime minister Tony Blair allowed the US's military timetable to override his own, abandoning plans to pull together international consensus and to properly plan for the post-invasion period, because he decided it was "right and necessary" to defer to his close ally, the report finds.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

You should never spend more than 20% of you annual income on a car.

Where did that rule come from?

Comes from common sense!
Of course the banks/credit cards / car dealers want us to borrow everything we possibly can borrow so that we spend our whole life paying mostly the interest on the loan. The reality is called living within our means. Too many people are bought up to believe we can have anything we want.

Comment Re:cost reduction (Score 1) 595

and they save a whole whopping nickel off each unit. move a few million units and it's easily 100k+.

The savings are not on the cost of manufacture, the savings are in the warranty.
I used to work in a repair shop back in the days of walkmans, the single biggest repair job with these things, despite all the delicate electronics on-board, was re-soldering the headphone jack which had broken from the circuit board from all the tugging on the headphone lead.
There must be a significant cost to the manufacturer on repairing these items whilst they are under warranty.

Comment Re: Technology can't stop these (Score 1) 1144

It is not about controlling guns, but controlling who can own them. In Australia, guns can only be bought from a licensed dealer, every firearm is registered and you need a license to own a firearm. You need to pass a background check before you can get a license or buy a gun. The Orlando shooter would have never qualified to purchase a gun in Australia because of his domestic violence record.

Comment Re:What's really sad.. (Score 1) 551

This really smacks of blatant consumerism, you must have the latest and greatest or you are a nobody.
I pride myself on getting the most out of my equipment, lets face it, the old stuff just goes into landfill.
Until Apple come up with a 100% recyclable computer, I think we all need to do our bit in saving this planet from being buried in waste.

Comment Re:It is simple. (Score 1) 172

Of course they will..
People will blindly follow an i-phone navigation system into the Murray Sunset National Park ( A sandy desert region with now water, no cell phone coverage and no help) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sci... because they selected the center of the region, not the town they were aiming for.

Submission + - Dallas Buyers Club abandons fight against Australian pirates (theage.com.au)

aphelion_rock writes: It's a happy day for Aussie pirates: The Hollywood studio behind the film Dallas Buyers Club has abandoned its fight to extract huge sums of cash from alleged copyright infringers.

Dallas Buyers Club LLC had until midday Thursday to lodge a second appeal against an August Federal Court decision which effectively prevented it from engaging in so-called "speculative invoicing" in Australia.

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