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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun's BlackBox: Datacenter in a shipping container

aphaenogaster writes: Apparently Sun is ready to release a 20 foot container based water cooled datacenter. You can read about it here NY times or here at Yahoo. You can also get it from the horses mouth at Sun.

The water cooling seems pretty interesting. Fans concentrated on hot spots rather than just generally cooling the container. A stranger application is mentioned in Yahoo.
"And since the system is water-cooled, these systems could have a fascinating dual-use application in northern climates. The warmed water can be used as a heat source for adjacent buildings. With 80% of power in a data center being converted directly into heat, the ability to heat an office while providing it with computing services is even more of a value to business buyers."

Applications appear to be military, oil exploration, and those who need a complete, up and running, datacenter (probably not configured) in 30 minutes. Price? Starting at $500,000.

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