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Comment Re:Before anyone starts the FETUS wars... (Score 1) 92

Well, part of that is likely because it would be a public relations nightmare trying to do trials with fetal stem cells.

... only in America. It is less of a issue in Europe, and a non-issue in China.

Actually you cannot do fetal stem cells research in Italy (and it is a good thing).

Comment Re:prostitute viagra and abortion (Score 1) 571

"It took Apple more than four years to fix Siri's responses to questions about abortion services, and yet the company didn't seem to have any problem programming Siri to search for prostitutes and Viagra."

yeah, methink that the political climate surrounding abortion is far more explosive than prostitution , and some people might have exploded in anger far more quickly at women being helped getting an abortion (sorry "murder baby!") than at the other keyword. So it does not surprise me in the least.

I don't think you kill anyone by getting Viagra or going with prostitutes. And Amnesty International says that prostitution is a right.

Submission + - Child cured with homeopathic medicines: dead (google.com) 1

apetrelli writes: "A child, cured by the father only with homeopathic medicines, died for a regurgitation of a fennel infusion (Google translate from Italian). The tragedy happened in south-east of Italy.
The father, Luca Monsellato, a well-known homeopathic and alternative medicine practicioner, cured the boy, that had gastroenteritis and a suspect of a flu, only with homeopathic medicines.
The parents are now accused of manslaughter."

Comment At least VCS and IDE must be there (Score 1) 362

In all my jobs (I started in 2004, notice that I work in Italy) at least we had a VCS (CVS, Subversion or some horrible things like StartTeam or PVCS) and an IDE (mostly Eclipse).
In one place we even had functional testing and CI with Hudson. But the two pieces above are the minimum requirements for a decent job, IMHO.

Comment No Maven? (Score 2) 29

Why not covering Maven? It's got a totally different way of building applications, together with some concepts like artifacts, dependency, artifact repository, that are not present in other build systems.
I think that it is worth at least a mention.


Submission + - Killer blames a chip in his head (google.com)

apetrelli writes: A 24 years old man killed his girlfriend's grandmother (Google translation, Italian original) and tries to dissolve her with acid.
During interrogation the man explained the reasons why he did this, ranting about a chip in his head. "Today there are technologies that can manipulate the human mind,''he told investigators. He has denied the allegations, but has not responded to investigators' questions.

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