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The Internet

Submission + - Liberal Party of Canada ignores Spam etiquette! (

apdyck writes: "The Liberal Party of Canada had a mass e-mail sent out to subscribers today, at least one of whom did not consent to having e-mails sent! In addition to that, they neglected to suggest any way to remove one's self from the mailing list. More ranting and the full text of the e-mail can be found here."

Submission + - Wolfram Alpha is now live! (

apdyck writes: "I watched it myself — they "flipped the switch" to turn on Wolfram Alpha live on the interwebs today. There were a few glitches, including not having any logging of external traffic when they went live, but all in all it went smoothly. I have performed a handful of searches myself, and the capabilities of this engine are astounding. I really wish that this was around when I was in school, it would have made everything even easier! There are a few kinks that need to be worked out still, I've gotten the "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that..." error message, quite amusing! Aside from that though, it's quite functional, and even has a variety of suggestions for searches in all sorts of categories. I reconmend everyone go to Wolfram Alpha as soon as they can!"

Submission + - Google opens Zurich Engineering Center (

apdyck writes: "Google has launched a new Engineering Center in Zurich, Switzerland this week. Apparently, they chose Zurich because there was little competition for the jobs they are looking to fill there. A video of the new plant can be found at for those interested. Projects that will be worked on at the new facility? Well, gmail for one, and Mobile Search is another one. This is the largest Google Engineering Facility in the EMEA region, eclipsing their London site."
The Internet

Submission + - Demonoid Tracker back online (

apdyck writes: "It seems that the demonoid tracker is back online! Now it's in Malaysia...hopefully there isn't an RIAA branch there. Apparently the tracker started working last week, although the main site is still down. It seems, however, that Deimos is (as usual) unreachable for comment. With any luck we will see a triumphant return of Demonoid before too long! The story was first broken here and then here."

Submission + - India's largest rollout of Linux is happening (

apdyck writes: The Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu (Elcot) in India is rolling out SuSE Linux on over 30,000 workstations and 1,880 servers, many of which are being used in schools and other Government organisations. They are saying that the initial savings is approximately 33% (based on licensing costs for software vs. free software), and even more over the long term as they will be able to continue using hardware long after the Windows life cycle would have ended. From the article:

The decision to move to Linux could not have been anything if not daunting. As the nodal agency for information and communication technology of a state with the population of the UK, Elcot has enormous responsibilities — current projects include creating an electoral database and photo identity cards, computerizing land records and driving licenses, producing eight million farmers cards and 18 million family cards (used by families below the poverty line to draw monthly rations from the PDS), among others. In short, there are a million ways they can blow it.

But Umashankar knew what needed to be done. He was convinced that it was only a matter of time before the price of staying proprietary became crushing. With every technology refresh, with every piece of additional hardware, with every new school that his department provided for, with every new service they wanted to offer various government bodies and with every new PC Elcot bought, staying proprietary came at a significant price.


Submission + - iPhone apps are on their way! (

apdyck writes: "It would appear that Apple may be waiting until their release of their new OS to allow third party developers to create applications for the iPhone. According to Cleve Nettles of, Apple may release a program to third party developers to unlock the phone and develop applications for it. One can only wonder though, how long would it take for a program like that to be put on demonoid?"

Submission + - Worlds Largest Telescope now in use (

apdyck writes: ITWire recently had an article announcing that the world's largest telescope is now up and running, conducting one-year series of tests. The Great Canary Telescope, located in the Canary Islands, is the largest telescope in the world at 10.4 m(34') in diameter. Not for your average stargazer! Check out the article at

Submission + - Microsoft licenses multi-colored bar code

apdyck writes: Microsoft announced yesterday that they have reached an agreement with the International Standard Audiovisual Number International Agency (ISAN-IA)to start using their multi-colored bar code for use with multimedia works. The technology promises to increase the amount of information that a single UPC code can provide. From the Microsoft Press Release: "Microsoft's new multicolor bar code will enable the inclusion of more data in the code itself, as well as the ability for consumers to interact with it by scanning the code with webcams and, eventually, cell phones with color cameras.". Full press release available here.
Linux Business

Submission + - Which Linux Distribution is best for a Web Server?

apdyck writes: "I am setting up a web hosting business. We are currently running Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, but we would like to have a few linux servers as well. Of the four partners in my firm, I am the only one with any Linux experience, and that is limited as best. I would like to know, which distribution is going to give me the maximum reliability with the minimum hassle? I don't want to have to spend hours configuring settings — ideally, it would work within minutes of the install, and any additional configuration should be minor."

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