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Journal apathy maybe's Journal: Mod points and Anonymous Cowards. 3

See for example
What we have is an anonymous user who made a stupid comment. They got modded offtopic, even though the comment had relevance to the article (vaguely). It was then modded underrated (a bit stupid if you ask me).

Then another anonymous user made a comment about wasting mod points. Modded offtopic.

The question is, will the third anonymous post also be modded down?

Stay tuned. Mods wasting good mod points on Anonymous users. (If you're just going to waste them, give them to me and I'll make *good* use of them.)

Edit: I just realised I can edit things. Here is another example of stupidity.


And here is one I didn't participate in ... (nor the others of course...)
Honestly, I don't participate in this...

An off-topic comment gets modded troll.
Question is, will the following two comments also get modded down? Or just ignored?
Stupid racists.

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Mod points and Anonymous Cowards.

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  • Besides being a waste, negatively modding ACs is often a lose-lose situation since it does not affect their karma but negative metamods affect yours. Many people browse with ACs modded down anyway, so it's often just easier to ignore AC trolls. Every so often I will 'waste' a mod point on modding an AC up because they actually did add something to the conversation and sometimes there are reasons to post anonymous, especially with employer complications.
    • I know what you're saying. Personally, I browse with AC modded up to the same level as everyone else.

      I find it so stupid that first someone modded offtopic something that no one is going to read anyway, then it was modded up! And then three more anons were modded down. LMFAO!

      (And I just realised that I posted non-anon in that thread. Bugger.)
  • 18479231 []
    Sure the first comment, but the rest? Why bother? In the default view no one will seem them anyway.

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