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Comment 5 minutes (Score 1) 634

Ellen Pao, your 5 minutes are long over. You tried to pull this victimizing, 'think of everyone but the white men' routine before, and it blew up in your face when it came to light that YOU were the problem all along. Please move on with your life. You're not a social justice warrior, you're a gods damned bully, and a predator.

Comment Searching for Go? (Score 1) 252

I've done a few projects in Go. I'm not a huge fan, but I think it has its place, and would much rather write a microservice in Go than in some travesty like NodeJS. What bugs me about the way they ranked is is search engine queries. Anyone who has tried searching for anything with 'go' in the query will find a lot of useless results returned. Google itself takes extra steps to ensure their language is returned in these queries on google, but in many other engines it's ambiguous as to what you mean when you type 'go to beginning of loop'. Are you looking for a rewind, or are you looking for loops in go? If they limited this to 'GoLang', I'd feel much better, but I can't find out how they ranked it, and am afraid they are including questionable results in their indexing.

Comment Can't ask gender or race for interviews (Score 1) 200

The problem is that employers in the USA, unlike European countries, make themselves liable for discrimination claims if they ask questions like "Are you male or female" , or "What is your race?" before or during the interview. It's only when the person is hired so they can get this information. This means that there is no good metric to say how many black people, Females, or whatever other protected class, is applying for jobs and/or getting interviews at tech companies. Facebook cannot say things like '3% of the people applying for us were female, and we hired 80% of them' -- they can only say 'We hired N females' or 'N females make up our workforce'. I work for a large, international tech company, and we are gung ho about diversity -- but we just don't get very many candidates that express interest in doing the job that fall outside of the industry majority. I've interviewed 2 women and 25 men in the last year, and we hired 1 of the Women. Based on that , people will say 'hire more Women', and I'm all like 'What Women?'. That's why this is such a great focus point for social justice bullies. They will never be wrong that the tech industry doesn't hire many minorities, and you cannot prove that it's because they don't even knock on the tech door without making companies targets for lawsuits.

Comment Talking for the sake of talking (Score 1) 280

Has the bottom of the barrel been reached so quickly that in order to have something to belt on about, the tumblr feminists are pressuring universities to fund studies that come up such obvious conclusions as 'When your society doesn't prohibit your Women from studying, they do better in school' ? What's next ? 'When there are more Men than Women, birth rates decline' ? 'Incidents of rape dramatically increase when drunk in a room with rapists' ?

Comment This is coming from Glassdoor (Score 1) 455

The data they are using is highly suspect. Many people to go review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp to complain about a company, not to sing its accolades. I don't think it takes a vivid imagination to see that many people may under report their salaries so that the company looks worse to future potential job seekers.

Comment All according to plan (Score 1) 478

So if I understand correctly, the timeline is something like:
  1. 1. get two SJBs to talk about harassment
  2. 2. demand more time talking about SJB causes but don't get it because this festival is not your personal soap box
  3. 3. call in fake threats and say there will be violence if the SJBs have their two talks
  4. 4. wait for knee jerk panic to wear off while you reach out to social media
  5. 5. get the time you demanded for more SJB causes
  6. 6. profit!

Comment $9 of Manpower? (Score 1) 87

Wait, so he's assuming firefighters are paid by the hours they are actually at a fire? That the time they are sitting in the firehouse on watch is not time they get paid for? That they get paid different rates if they respond to a false alarm, or an actual fire? If I were a firefighter, I'd take that up with my union!

Comment Agreed? (Score 1) 727

She's a self proclaimed Godzilla of feminists. All you need to do is offer her a soap box to get on and complain to an larger audience. She won't say no. She craves attention, and like people like Jesse Jackson, her 'career' hinges on there being some injustice or slight to complain about, no matter how small. The worst thing for their careers is a lack of something to get fired up about.

Comment Not I (Score 1) 654

I would not. I live in San Francisco, which has a public transportation system (MUNI) that is much better than other cities I've lived in. I currently DO get it for free (work subsidizes public transport costs) but I ride it maybe 10% of the time. Why? Well:
  1. There is no guarantee that the bus or train you want to take will actually be there on time.
  2. There is no guarantee that the bus or train will not be at capacity, forcing you to wait 15 - 30 minutes for the next one, which in turn may also be full from all of the people who had to queue up to get on it
  3. There is no guarantee that the bus will not stop 1 - 3 kilometers before your stop, and announce that is the end of the line
  4. There are never people policing the quality of life issues on the bus. From people smoking joints, to vandalizing the bus, to playing boom boxes, to getting aggressive when you ask them to move in to the conveyance so other can get on. I don't want to start my morning with some dude playing music at loud volumes that go above my own headphones, or with a homeless person literally pissing in his seat on the bus
  5. In more distance areas, all of these issues are exacerbated. Being forced to sit on a train from 45th and Ocean Ave, for 1.15 hours downtown, while all of the aforementioned is going on? No thanks.

The times I do take the bus, it's usually because I am walking and it happens to be there, but most of the time I either ride a bike, or pay to take a ride share service like lyft. It's not worth it to spend $2.25 and take 1 hour to go 5 kilometers, when I can pay $11 and get there in 20. I am lucky that SF is relatively small in size and its prohibitively expensive to use a car here. I'd hate to see how much a cab ride from the suburbs of Chicago to downtown would cost.

Comment Are we talking about New Orleans or Seattle? (Score 1) 410

Lack of diversity? Rising house costs? Sounds like New Orleans, where 67% are black, and a post-katrina environment has seen housing costs rise from out of town hipsters buying property, which triggers a real estate feeding frenzy, which gentrifies neighborhoods and attracts more hipsters, driving housing costs up. What's so special about Seattle's "Lack of Diversity" where 69% are White? That's right. In America, when its a non white dominated area, it's quaintly referred to as names like "Chinatown" or "Little Gaza" or "Arabian Village", but when it's a White dominated area, it's a social justice bully / diversity police's wet dream.

Comment New Positions (Score 1) 892

More femitechnonazi bait , but I'll bite: At my last job, I was told the salary cap for my position was X and there was nothing that could be done to circumvent it. When I threatened to leave, they made a new position for me, with a cap that was suspiciously around what I was asking for. Aside from how easy it is to get around the cap, shouldn't you award people based on their skills, not on the penis or vagina? And aren't negotiation and salesmanship highly valued skills?

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