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Comment Introducing Comrade Murdoch, Commie and Neo-Con (Score 1) 504

Rather than engage in such whiny and wimpish behavior, it would be more useful to join the Chinese Communist Party to gain the favors one needs in what used to be referred to as a 'Commie' country, as in communist, not comedy.

Imagine that, the owner of several neo-conservative media outlets become a communist. Oligarchs will do whatever it takes to gain wealth and power. Unfortunately for Murdoch he will never be allowed to achieve what he did outside China, in China.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 318

On a national level, both Japan and the US have tried this approach and failed.

As trillionaires, we the United States citizens decided to get or blow up Japan after they decided to get or blow up Hawaii, notably, both islands, and notably both wealthy nations with plenty of idle time to think about such things instead of mowing the yard.

When they wouldn't sell, we threw a gazillion little and two huuuuuge bombs to blow it up - didn't work - so we got ready to do it with a gazillion huuuuuger bombs until the Soviets said Niet! Then we poured money into the Island and still didn't end up owning it.

Instead we sold Hawaii, while retaining mineral rights, and recently, close to everything we had in Financial Services in their part of the world. We also decided to sell our 'freedom' by borrowing a trillion dollars from them. Man we are good - at shooting ourselves in the foot.

They felt sorry for us and decided to build the PS3 to get even more out of us - while we bicker over how to reduce ourselves further.

Comment Google Translate Extended (Score 3, Funny) 176

Announcing onelanguage dot com, an extension of Google Translate, ushering in an era where programmers need only learn one language and have it converted to another language of choice.


Q. How accurate is it?
A. Same as Google Translate. You have to learn the output language to know which parts of the language you already know result in garbage-out. We suggest you use our new Pidgin versions of Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby.

Comment IBM's IMS is a Hierarchical Database (Score 1) 423

IBM has had a hierarchical database called IMS since 1966

It holds and manipulates data in a hierarchy accessed and manipulated with the DL/I query language

Now, if the venerable IBM would please grow up and Open Source IMS we could have the best of both worlds.

Better still, reverse engineer the thing from IBM specs, dropping all the legacy fluff accumulated over 40 years, and call it MyHQL.

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