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Comment Re:Yes. (Score 1) 1216

The healthcare in the US is second to none. The problem the US has is access to it. This problem is not entirely unique to the US but waiting lists and pannels refusing coverage as what happens in socialised medical countries seem to get ignored in the tallies.

Ah, yes. But then again, life here in Europe simply wouldn't be the same with out the death panels. It spices up an otherwise dull and boring life.

Comment Re:Tomorrow in the news: (Score 1) 495

No, Norway was under Danish rule until 1814, when Denmark lost it to Sweden after the Napoleonic wars. The Swedes didn't get the Norwegian territories, though (Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, which is why they're now (former) Danish dependencies).

And technically, it wasn't an "annexation", it was a personal union; Norway retained its own parliament, liberal constitution, government and other institutions, but shared king and foreign policies.

I don't believe Norway has been annexed by Sweden at any other point either; but the King of Norway was elected King of Sweden in the lead up to the Kalmar Union, which united Norway, Denmark and Sweden. But since Norway was seriously weakened after the Black Death, the center power moved to Denmark, and Norway was left more or less as a Danish dependency after Sweden pulled out of the union.

Comment Re:Kind of the point (Score 1) 752

And those that go, shoudl go to be rehabilitated into civil society.

At least in this case I think the original AC had a very good point in this. A good capitalist will outsource when the result is cheaper and more effective. Sweden has shown the ability to rehabilitate around twice as effectively as the USA(20% recedivism vs 60% here, ergo 80% effective vs 40%), with about 1/3rd the sentence period.

Which makes one wonder what the rate would be if one just did nothing – wouldn't be terribly surprised if no punishment at all would give as good or better recidivism rates than the US prison system.

Comment Re:Fear and Paranoia... (Score 5, Informative) 926

My family visited Europe this Fall and were surprised at the level of civility experienced there.

I just visited the US last week, and was surprised at the level of civility I experienced there.

Seriously, whenever I meet USians (even in the wild), they're generally friendly, sensible people. Which makes it perhaps even more depressing that the country as a whole is run by sociopathic assholes. Unfortunately, European leaders (both political and corporate) are learning quickly.

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