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Comment Benefits: "Giving back some of what we took" (Score 0) 760

Government can only give benefits from money they took from someone else in the first place.
The top 10% of earners pay 68% of taxes in the US. Anything government "gives back" was theirs in the first place.
That is unless we've moved to a ideology that government already owns everything the citizens have and we are all serfs.

Comment Our ancestors wanted car-centric (Score 1) 259

Zoning and developers followed the desires of our parents and grandparents. You may not like cars but they were seen as the embodiment of freedom for your ancestors - go anywhere you want, quickly, and on your own schedule.
The parts of cities that didn't support that attitude languished (inner cities) and areas that did flourished (suburbs).

TLDR: Infrastructure conformed to the culture.

Comment So, is HIV still the cause?? (Score 4, Interesting) 84

HIV only kills ~5% of the T-cells.
Newly discovered pyroptosis pathway kills the other 95%
This is a radical departure from the accepted mechanisms of how HIV works. Pyroptosis can be triggered by a boatload of different inflammatory processes, I'll be looking forward to their smoking gun that HIV is the cause.
With all the research money poured into HIV research, it's taken them 20 years to notice this?

Comment Or just buy degree (Score 5, Interesting) 304

Nothing I hear about education fraud in India surprises me since one of my Indian coworkers explained how people "buy" degrees from Indian universities.
University employees can be bribed to create the records for an entire curriculum, spanning multiple years of attendance. This record is indistinguishable from a valid one and generates a real diploma. The University will confirm education because "it's in the system".
I think he said it cost about $3000 USD or so for a Masters degree.

Comment Utopian vs Pragmatist (Score 4, Insightful) 283

He's right that there are opposing ideologies, but Liberal/Conservative just muddies the water.

Utopian believes:
1) Zero defects is achievable and support processes should assume that will be the case after release.
2) "Good code" is the result of using an "industry standard" language.
3) That full functionality specifications can be collected during design from the people who will be using the system.
4) Achieving 1-3 is more important than delivering the functionality requested by the users.
5) Considers that the delivered project will be "complete" and further modifications will be minimal.

Pragmatist believes:
1) That defects are inevitable and support processes need to allow for easy/quick recovery.
2) "Good code" should be inherently understandable by the majority of those who will be making changes to it.
3) That human memory is spotty and nobody is able to tell you 100% of what they know.
4) Delivering software that meets the needs of the user is more important than perfection of the code or processes.
5) Understands that the world changes and the software needs to make those changes easy.

As you can guess - I'm a pragmatist.

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