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Comment Re:Not a Gentoo user (Score 0) 520

I know you are being funny. But their is just so much FUD from people who haven't tried Gentoo in years. Here is how you do it:

1) Download the latest LiveCD
2) Click on the GTK+ based Install button (if you mess it up, you will end up clicking CLI based. Good if you can go, if not, you WILL click on the other one: GTK+ based Install button)
3) Follow the instructions with sane defaults already setup (Yeah! CPUTYPE already setup)

If you are having trouble deciding if your CPU is x86 is or not, you ARE using x86. My dumbest friends know it if they have x86_64 that it is 64.

If you have problems, head off to Gentoo's documentation. I personally use opensuse these days at work, but when I have problem I head off to Gentoo forums, read Gentoo-wiki etc. They are the best out there!

So there you go. At the end, Gentoo is for those who are interested in it. It will not bring world peace, nor it will magically edit your configration files. It is for those who want to tweak. I got into it because I wanted to play Quake3A on linux, so that I can say good-bye to my Windows installation. For that I needed Unichrome drivers for my crappy video card, for that I needed to compile X... and I am more than happy that I chose Gentoo.

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