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Submission + - EU confirms Microsoft abused its position 2

pioppo writes: There's news in the Europe vs Microsoft anti-trust case. The court of first instance essentially upholds the commission's decision finding that Microsoft abused its dominant position. However, the Court has annulled certain parts of the decision relating to the appointment of a monitoring trustee, which have no legal basis in Community law.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Apple's new iPod checksum cracked by GtkPod coders (

klblastone writes: The GtkPod development team has cracked the checksum used by the new iPods to block third-party software development and Linux support. Popular open source music management applications like GtkPod, AmaroK, and Rhythmbox will be able to work with new iPods despite Apple's efforts to force all iPod consumers to use iTunes. Although the ingenuity of the open source software community will continue to undermine Apple's efforts to limit freedom of choice, Linux users should consider purchasing devices that are designed to support Linux rather than closed products that are defective by design. Lennart Poettering, who helped create an open source implementation of Apple's ZeroConf protocol, provides more insight into the detrimental impact of Apple's vendor lock-in tactics and explains how Apple has used similar techniques to limit interoperability with its DAAP and ROAP protocols.

Submission + - States Ask for Extension of MS Antitrust Judgment (

narramissic writes: "IT world reports that a group of state plaintiffs in the Microsoft antitrust case are asking for a five-year extension of the middleware portions of the judgment. During an antitrust compliance hearing, Stephen Houck, a lawyer for the group, said that "Microsoft continues to have a stranglehold over the two products ... that nearly all consumers use," and that "very little has happened in five years ... in those markets." In response, Microsoft spokesman Jack Evans said the company is "a bit surprised that a few states are now requesting an extension of the consent decree, since they indicated just last month that they're not too fond of it," but said that the company would respond in more detail after it has seen the extension request."

Submission + - Pirate Bay to create YouTube competitor

Jared writes: "The site will be modeled after YouTube in that content will be user generated. What will set it apart however, is that there will be "no censorship," that The Pirate Bay "will not be the moral police" and determine what content stays or goes as is oftentimes the case with YouTube. He then hinted that that the community will instead be the censors, that "the community will have to do that.""

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