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MySQL to Get Injection of Google Code 195

inkslinger77 writes to mention that MySQL has published their software roadmap out through 2009 and it includes an injection of code from Google. Google remains relatively secretive about how their systems work but they are one of the largest users of MySQL. Earlier this year Google signed a Contributor License Agreement which provides a framework for them to contribute code to MySQL. "The search company has done a lot of work customizing MySQL to meet its special needs, which include better database replication, and tools to monitor a high volume of database instances, Axmark said in an interview at MySQL's user conference in Paris. MySQL will include some of those capabilities in future versions of its database, probably in point upgrades to MySQL 6.0, which is scheduled for general availability in late 2008, Axmark said."

Submission + - Announcing jMonkeyEngine version 1.0!

Moondevil writes: After more than four years of hard work and many point releases, the developers behind the jMonkeyEngine are proud to announce the release of version 1.0 of their Java game engine. The jMonkeyEngine is a high performance game library providing all the tools needed to build quality 3D games and applications in Java. Used by professional game companies such as NCsoft, Three Rings, Jadestone and others as well as government and hobbyist developers, the jMonkeyEngine has raised the bar for quality Java-based 3D entertainment.

Learn more about the jMonkeyEngine and get involved today at its website.

I am transcribing the announcement made at their website.

Submission + - Guh-Guh-Guh-Google and the Jets

theodp writes: "Continuing their tag-team reporting on the Google execs' penchant for expensive jets, the NY Times has confirmed an earlier Valleywag report that Larry, Sergey, and Eric have added a Boeing 757 to their fleet, which already includes a widebody Boeing 767 and two Gulfstream Vs. While the Google founders and CEO are still tight-lipped on the subject, NASA responded to the Times' Freedom of Information Act request by releasing the text of a July agreement between NASA and H211 LLC (pdf-17.2MB), a company controlled by Google's top brass. The agreement requires that the Lease be kept confidential and alludes to an earlier deal NASA made with publicly-held Google ('Tenant is beneficially owned by the principal executives of an entity with whom Landlord has a programmatic, collaborative relationship and which plans to establish a physical presences at the Property'). A Google spokesman said the company does not have a relationship with H211, but did not opine as to whether his bosses did a good job of Avoiding Conflicts of Interest."
The Internet

Submission + - FCC asked to mandate 'e-mail address portability' 1

nam37 writes: C|Net has an article up about the Federal Communications Commission being asked to create mandatory "e-mail address portability." The petition to the FCC (warning .PDF) based on the idea that because the U.S. Post Office offers to forward physical mail, and because FCC rules require telephone service providers to offer number portability, the same principle should be extended to e-mail accounts.
The Internet

Submission + - Target sued over Web access for the blind (

narramissic writes: "The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled that Web sites are required by law to be accessible to the blind, and certified a class action suit against Target by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). The NFB's suit alleges that Target violated the Americans With Disabilities Act and two California civil rights statutes: the California UNRUH Civil Rights Act and the California Disabled Persons Act when it refused to make its Web site accessible to the blind. Commenting on the court's ruling, the NFB said, 'This is a tremendous step forward for blind people throughout the country who for too long have been denied equal access to the Internet economy. All e-commerce businesses should take note of this decision and immediately take steps to open their doors to the blind.'"

Submission + - Family Guy Sued For Copyright Infringement 4

Joe the Lesser writes: Music publishing house Bourne Co. is suing Fox over the use of the song 'When you wish upon a star' which was parodied in the Family Guy episode entitled 'When You Wish Upon A Weinstein'. The episode contains a musical number entitled 'I Need a Jew' which the lawsuit called a thinly veiled copy of the music from "When You Wish Upon a Star," accompanied by new anti-Semitic lyrics. In the 67 years since its debut, the song has been recorded by more than 100 artists and orchestras, however, Bourne claims that "With its theme of wholesome hopefulness, the song has gained worldwide status as a classic. By associating Bourne's song with such offensive lyrics and other content in the episode, defendants are harming the value of the song."

Submission + - Microsoft puts PR hit out on Google (

Andrew Nagy writes: A while ago, when Google acquired DoubleClick, everyone was crying foul over the possibility of privacy violation from Google. Soon after, the site (now down) went live, supposedly a site dedicated to discussing online privacy and competition. Turns out, Microsoft was behind it all. They hired a PR firm to engineer and put out releases "warning" how the acquisition made Google the bad guy.

Submission + - NASA liftoff: Dawn brightens the early morning (

WaltonNews writes: "The NASA Dawn spacecraft was launched onboard a Delta 2 rocket at 7:34 a.m. EDT on Thursday, September 27, 2007 — about twenty-one minutes after the dawning of the day — on a mission to learn about the early history of the solar system from two large asteroids."

Submission + - GeForce 8600 GT Fatal1ty, Quiet Killer Graphics (

MojoKid writes: "Pro Gamer, Jonathan Fatal1ty Wendel has built a brand for himself with more than a few of the major computer component OEMs, with enthusiast targeted products that offer features above and beyond the standard reference design. The recently announced XFX GeForce 8600 GT Fatal1ty is a new graphics card with Fatal1ty branding and also one of the very few GeForce 8600 GT cards on the market today that is not only passively cooled, but factory overclocked as well. And even though its stock GPU and memory clock speeds are already well above NVIDIA's reference specifications, this article shows the XFX GeForce 8600 GT Fatal1ty has plenty of clock speed headroom left for overclocking and it's dead silent."

Submission + - vusta service pack 1 installs xp ( 1

ricky writes: "a story a bbspot says that vista's service pack 1 will actually install xp's core, great news for xp lovers! bad for vista lovers (i know two and laugh at them regularly) micro$oft says that they will be able to release windoze 7 after a brief thirteen month dalay now."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Halo evolution (

Jynx writes: "Gamespot is running a great feature with comparisons between all 3 Halo games. Weapon, environment and vehicles models are all compared side by side and it really highlights how far the franchise has come since its original release on the Xbox. FTA — "The original Halo map designs made for confusing gameplay because many of the levels had rooms that looked, for all practical purposes, identical. Halo 2 helped alleviate the endless corridor problem by adding more room variation. But Halo 3 has solved the problem altogether by making every room, hallway, and outdoor area unique. You'll rarely get confused as to which way you're supposed to go. Indoor areas have better lighting and textures, while outdoor environments have much more foliage. Water, whether in a river or an ocean, looks vastly better.""

Submission + - New energy competition for schools (

Jonathan writes: "care4it: The Global Challenge for Schools is calling on the world's school children for their help. care4it is the challenge organized by and the IEC, with the support of the International Energy Agency (IEA), a leading organization that advises its member governments on energy policy. care4it calls on schools around the world to submit their ideas for improving electrical energy efficiency. The winning school will receive a $10 000 cash prize and the chance to see their idea brought to reality. Prizes of $3 000 and $2 000 will be awarded for second and third place, respectively. Detailed entry information will be available on from next Wednesday 3 October and the deadline for entries is Friday 28 March 2008. The winners will be announced in June 2008."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - The Halo Bug (

Woody writes: The Washington Post reports... Halo 3 Takes Toll on Workforce

Call it the Halo holiday, or the Halo bug.

Some gamers are going to be a little sleepy this week at work or school, if they show up at all. With yesterday's release of Halo 3, the highly anticipated video game for the Xbox 360 console, many gamers are taking some personal time. "In my group of friends, we're all taking the day off," said one Halo fan waiting in line late Monday night at a GameStop store in Rockville.


Submission + - Do You Need a Permit to Land on the Moon? ( 4

Billosaur writes: "With the recent announcement of Google's X-prize for a successful private landing of a robot on the Moon, someone has asked the Explainer at if permission is required to land something on the Moon? Turns out that while there is no authority that regulates landing objects on another world, getting there does require the permission of the national government from where the launch takes place. This is in accordance with the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, signed by 91 nations, which regulates the uses of outer space by the nations of Earth. Specifically, Article VI enjoins: "The activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty." Start your paperwork!"

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