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Submission + - Military encrypted VOIP and Messaging comes to Smartphones (

antivoid writes: Seecrypt Mobile is a new software-only communications app which allows registered users to make and receive unlimited, secure voice calls and text messages in real-time between Seecrypt Mobile-enabled devices anywhere in the world. Double layer, end-to-end, military-grade encryption techniques give users true privacy around the globe. Each and every new call or message is encrypted on the device with a unique key, which affords peace of mind and maximum protection when communicating with another trusted Seecrypt user. Narrowband and adaptive voice compression, allowing for extremely conservative on data usage, consuming data well below the current benchmark of standard voice applications. Operates securely over any Internet-connected network worldwide, from Mobile (2G/EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE) to Wi-Fi, and even Satellite Broadband networks, which allows for making data roaming calls more cost effective. A major benefit to users with poor cellular coverage or those who suffer on congested networks.

Comment Less donuts, more brains, please (Score 2) 348

Here I go with another reverse cowgirl theory. If cops want to catch drunk drivers, then get more cops or improve the ways to catch them or increase visible policing. Removing some app from an iPhone isn't going to stop people driving drunk. How ridiculous... If I was too drunk to drive, I'd be too drunk to use my phone to look up road blocks. If they're that worried build in some simple sobriety test, like solving some simple 5 * 7 + 13 math puzzle... Or decrease the supply of donuts to the police force.

Comment Pointless (Score 2) 348

Here's a different way to think about the entire debacle. Some people say piracy deprives others of profit. Others say it doesn't. The end result is always the same. Some greedy megacorporation (record labels, motion picture creators, the government) etc will try to "block" the site[s] in question...

My argument is, what is the point? Block it all you like, someone will just find a way around it, create a new site, in an endless cycle. The "problem", if there even is one, is in the minds of the people... Why buy when I can get it for free? -or- I won't watch/listen to this avi/mp3 unless it is free.

There are always going to be pirates, there is always going to be piracy. The problem is greed and money. As long as there is money, people with low amounts of money are going to attempt to find ways of obtaining materials with less money or no money.

Tor? Host megaupload on a .onion? Decentralize the entire web? Why not?! Put powerful webservers on the tor network. Make Tor the defacto standard. Make companies host their sites on onions. Make companies depend on Tor. Then, Tor will expand. And it won't be taken down because companies use it too for their sites. Then we can squash the pesky net neutrality problem at the same time. ISPs can't block Tor, or they'd block the whole Tor, and all the companies using it. "It won't work!" you say. "There's not enough support, other than a few geeks and nerds!". Well now... Firefox was the product of a few geeks and nerds... look where Firefox is today. The time is coming to oppose these governments and companies who think they can control us. To hell with them. It is our right to do what we want online!

Comment It is 0-day, i think (Score 1) 289

I believe that, in a company with OS rollout cycles of 2 years or more like Microsoft, 1 week is considered 0-day, given the frequency with which the average home user updates their OS with patches.

I am not here to troll/bash in general, but I quite like Windows 7. So far IMHO its the best Windows version released to date, and I haven't heard of many bugs and crashes and vulnerabilities, besides this one.

Windows Vista is to Windows 2000 as Windows Me is to Windows 98. Windows 7 <3 :)

Comment Some facts (Score 1) 836

okay, i'm going to just state facts about my career, and let you guys draw your own conclusions.

Fact: i am well-experienced in PHP,, C/C++, SQL, Html, JavaScript. I can code in Python/Django, I know VB6 and pretty well. I am coding an MMO, and I use Lua as a scripting language ingame (like WoW). I can even write batch files. I am a programmer from birth basically, coding since as far back as I can remember. Latest is Ruby on Rails, which I am finding really fun; training myself up there to get involved in the job market for Rails.

Fact: I don't have a degree. Just some lameass 1 year college "Computer Science" diploma. It's not highly rated.

Fact: I get turned down by some companies (many) because I don't have a degree. The larger the company, the higher the chance of being turned down due to lack of qualifications. Smaller companies don't seem to care for degrees. Why? Because degrees equate to larger salaries.

Fact: Education institutions are sponsored. Many of them by Microsoft. In my country, a Computer Science Degree leaves you an ASP/Microsoft baby. Because Microsoft sponsors them. True educational freedom comes from learning what you want. Fact: Very few educational institutions are going to teach you Ruby on Rails, for example. Opinion: Degrees are for coding in the corporate ratrace. Self-tutoring is for true hardcore coding ninjas.

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