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Comment Re:Et tu, Netherlands part 2 (Score 1) 304

It is also supposed that this is a discriminatory accusation (why only 2 ISP's?), so this could be reconsidered by the judge. Though this could very well be a worse thing if they decide to ban it across all ISP's. Doesn't change the fact that this has passed, and in 10 days I won't be seeing The Pirate Bay anymore :(

Comment Re:The stupid! It hurts! (Score 5, Insightful) 251

All I can hope is that medical establishments EVERYWHERE (including insurance companies) tell these people to fuck the hell off and stonewall them into bankruptcy while blacklisting every product and service they use to hasten the process.

My hope is with you, buddy. Except I fear that whenever money is involved, ethics, humanitarianism and other socially awesome things go out the window.

Comment Re:Like a telemarketer (Score 1) 333

And never, ever, ever click unsubscribe from anyone but the most reputable companies. It lets the spammers know that someone at that address actually reads those emails, and they don't mind sharing it with their sister companies.

Same goes with loading images from the email. Always have image loading turned off by default if you don't want the sender to get any information back from you.


Submission + - Block major labels off the internet ( 2

slart42 writes: Bust all major labels is a campaign to block web site access to anyone accessing the internet from computers belonging to major record labels. The site provides a script to embed into your web site/blog/whatever, which displays a message (analogue to the error message users see when trying to access youtube videos from countries where the record industry does not want you to see the content) and blocks access when viewing the site from an IP address belonging to a list of record labels or industry associations. With enough people using this, it could make a pretty strong message.

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