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Comment The EFF should (Score 1) 437

The EFF should use these examples and any others that can be gathered as ammunition as to why copyright holder lawsuits against individuals are invalid since they abuse the copyrighted works of individuals. (US law says those are copyrighted at the moment of creation regardless of any CC terms or not...)

Comment Re:not that big of a deal (Score 2, Insightful) 369

I don't know how much reading you've done on this... industrial chemistry is in general very simple using, in general, pretty pure components. However, there are systems, such as catalytic reforming of petroleum that does use complex mixtures. - For this theory to be correct (and belief doesn't have -anything- to do with it) the synthesis has to occur in a very complex mixture with nothing more than energy input and available building blocks. Nothing else was there - right? Unless you want to bring down God to the soup with a labcoat, safety glasses and a fleaker of pixie dust... (my favorite God is George Burns...)

Comment Re:not that big of a deal (Score 1) 369

why yes! if it worked once it should work again. no, you misunderstand - the original conditions DID spontaneously develop life.. unless you are a figment of my imagination.... and no I don't think the reactions required billions of years (once again you'd probably not be here). the key to this experiment imho is finding the right conditions/mixture. and that IS difficult.

Comment Re:not that big of a deal (Score 1) 369

I disagree - spontaneous in this sense would indicate self-assembly of RNA - under the right conditions. All the other things you mention is simply part of the "pot" - be it a very large and chaotic pot.... I would think no human chemist was around to play with the soup to nudge things in the right direction. That is what is happening here.

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