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Comment from one of the bloggers mentioned (Score 1) 759

his round-up of replies:

basically he was asked to write-up a document detailing how the GOP could more effectively communicate with bloggers to get the conservative message out there, and he got paid a couple hundred for it. It's not like they were "buying" him with a couple hundred when he's already a conservative activist (which is why he's blogging in the first place.)

This whole story is just ridiculous. Not one person has said "I got paid to write story X" except an unnamed source who claims it happens all the time.

Comment Re:History repeats (Score 1) 497

they have everyone calling their line of personal computers "Macs" and every other company's products "PCs," despite the fact that the differences at this point are superficial.

While I don't doubt Apple does little to dissuade people of this, I remember when this started, and it wasn't with Apple. PC users used it derisively to play down Macs in the early/mid 90's.

Comment Re:Not a bad idea in general (Score 3, Informative) 571

you jest, but that's essentially what congress has been doing for a long time. The health care bill essentially said "all these things will happen by this date" without detailing how they would happen. All of the details were handed over to HHS to work out on their own. Basically it was so vague (deliberately so) that the real effects won't be known until after HHS finishes figuring out how to implement it.

Comment Re:Well, good (Score 3, Informative) 637

uh, there are names in the wikileaks postings. Several news outlets, including the Washington Post, have searched the released docs and found names that weren't redacted:

wikileaks didn't scrub the docs thoroughly, even the founder of wikileaks is basically saying "hey, not our problem!" He's not denying it, I find it interesting you are.

Comment Re:Well, good (Score 2, Informative) 637

Did you actually read them?

The sanitized version in papers had names blacked out, but the actual leaked docs were basically unedited. The Taliban has already announced they're using it to compile a list of people to kill.

Comment Re:Mother... (Score 0) 417

not really trying to defend the mom, but the guy's criminal record doesn't seem to contain any sexual crimes. just because someone has a DUI doesn't mean they can't be trusted with kids.

For all we know his convictions are from a long time ago and he's been clean since the mom has known him.

Comment Re:Do The Right Thing - A Steve Jobs Joint (Score 1) 534

the Evo is the first Android phone I seriously considered over the iPhone, due to the fact that it's the first to really minimize the horrible lag in the UI. However the 2 points that made me get the iPhone 4 are

1) Battery life. The Evo has a battery larger than the iPhone, yet battery life is terrible compared to the iPhone.
2) Screen. Yes it's bigger on the Evo, but the color representation isn't as good. I put an Evo and an iPhone side by side and loaded up the same image, the Evo's looked flat and dull, the iPhone had rich colors and just looked flat out better.

I love the customizability of Evo, several coworkers have tricked theirs out and I am truly jealous. But what good is a device I can customize if when I reach for it to actually use it the battery is dead?

Comment Re:Do The Right Thing - A Steve Jobs Joint (Score 1) 534

"No, I haven't become what I hate. You don't see me supporting an abusive, shitty company so I can have a trendy, overpriced device."

you don't see how self-righteous that is? you're better because you followed your own reasons for buying the device you did, but you hate those who don't follow your reasons?

the fact that I was modded as a troll while you got +5 just backs up my opinion that Android fanboys are turning viciously rabid.

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