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Comment Observations from My Own Personal Experience (Score 1) 402

I'm an occasional storm chaser, definitely not a meteorologist. I've been chasing a couple times, and I've only seen one traffic jam, which was mildly stupid, not terribly dangerous, and composed of about two thirds recreational chasers, one third more science-y looking types.
For the most part, when people are out there, they seem to have good attitudes, but in both the chaser and science communities there are some big, terrible egos that really have little tolerance for people who aren't doing the exact same thing the exact same way they are. But that's just whining, that's not the real problem.
The real problem is common sense, which is ever slightly less uncommon with the science crowd than with the recreation crowd. Both are capable of blocking roads, impeding traffic, and being a general nuisance. Again, the recreation crowd is slightly worse at this because there are slightly more people proportionally in that crowd that lack appreciation for their surroundings due to overexcited-ness and some of them just being silly kids and/or hillbillies out looking for fun. That said, some people who think they are big shots because they're "scientists", and the world should get out of their way, and the same problems emerge.
So, to the scientist community, I say, complaining about chasers is NOT the answer to your difficulties. Cooperation and education ARE answers (though imperfect as there will always be some yahoos out there being stupid). Sure, the science community has the best tools out there for doing legitimate research, but they're usually slow groups and many participants don't have the skill or experience to get to areas of interest like many of the best chasers do. If chasers were utilized as a scouting tool by Vortex and other search entities, given proper chasing protocols, and for those who show they're responsible enough, some actual data acquisition tools, Vortex could have a lot more success and everyone could be happier and have a good time too. Many chasers are really just a lot better at getting to storms (safely), than the researchers, it's just a fact (of course, it's also a fact that a lot of inexperienced chasers suck, but whatever, hopefully they can at least have positive examples on how to conduct themselves safely and respectfully). I mean, he may be a complete spaz that rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but Reed Timmer and crew have a LOT more success getting to tornadoes than any researchers. There are a lot of other chasers out there who are also very good and if treated with respect would be quite happy to aid in a research project.

In other words, CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?! (it's better than whining behind each other's backs, we don't want this to start being like that awful Twister movie).

PC Games (Games)

Blizzard Boss Says Restrictive DRM Is a Waste of Time 563

Stoobalou writes "Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce reckons that fighting piracy with DRM is a losing battle. His company — which is responsible for one of the biggest video games of all time, the addictive online fantasy role player World of Warcraft — is to release StarCraft 2 on July 27, and Pearce has told Videogamer that the title won't be hobbled with the kind of crazy copy protection schemes that have made Ubisoft very unpopular in gaming circles of late. StarCraft 2 will require a single online activation using the company's Battle.net servers, after which players will be allowed to play the single-player game to their hearts' content, without being forced to have a persistent Internet connection."
PlayStation (Games)

Valve's Newell Thinks PS3 Needs To Be "Open Like a Mac" 348

Eraesr writes "Apparently Valve boss Gabe Newell thinks the PS3 needs to be more of an open platform, drawing a comparison to Apple's Mac platform. In an interview with 5BY5.TV, he said he would like to see the PS3 be 'open like a Mac' instead of being 'more closed like a Gamecube.' 'Platform investments, like the Mac, are difficult because you have to be aware of what direction that platform is moving,' Newell said, referring to the firm's recent move onto Macs with its titles and distribution service Steam. 'We need to target platforms that do a better job of looking like where we want to be in a few years.'"

FDA Approves Vaccine For Prostate Cancer 194

reverseengineer writes "The US Food and Drug Administration has given its first first approval for a therapeutic cancer vaccine. In a clinical trial 'involving 512 men, those who got Provenge (sipuleucel-T) had a median survival of 25.8 months after treatment, while those who got a placebo lived a median of 21.7 months. After three years, 32 percent of those who got Provenge were alive, compared with 23 percent of those who got the placebo. ... "The big story here is that this is the first proof of principle and proof that immunotherapy works in general in cancer, which I think is a huge observation," said Dr. Philip Kantoff, chief of solid tumor oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and the lead investigator in Dendreon's largest clinical trial for the drug. "I think this is a very big thing and will lead to a lot more enthusiasm for the approach."'"

California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys 756

WrongSizeGlass writes "The L.A. Times is reporting that Santa Clara County officials have voted to ban toys and other promotions that restaurants offer with high-calorie children's meals. 'This ordinance prevents restaurants from preying on children's love of toys' to sell high-calorie, unhealthful food, said Supervisor Ken Yeager, who sponsored the measure. 'This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes.' Supervisor Donald Gage, who voted against the measure, said, 'If you can't control a 3-year-old child for a toy, God save you when they get to be teenagers.' The vote was 3 - 2 in favor of the ban."

Porsche Unveils 911 Hybrid With Flywheel Booster 197

MikeChino writes "Porsche has just unveiled its 911 GT3 R Hybrid, a 480 horsepower track vehicle ready to rock the 24-hour Nurburgring race this May. Porsche's latest supercar will use the same 911 production platform available to consumers today, with a few race-ready features including front-wheel hybrid drive and an innovative flywheel system that stores kinetic energy from braking and then uses it to provide a 160 horsepower burst of speed. The setup is sure to offer an advantage when powering out of turns and passing by other racers."

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