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Submission + - US passenger jets testing anti-missile systems ( 2

anthrax writes: The Department of Homeland Security is paying $29 million to test anti-missile systems on passenger jets that fly domestic routes. Similar systems are used on US military aircraft and cargo aircraft. DHS and BAE Systems (the system maker) want to eventually install the system on almost all domestic airliners. This will help cut down on the high number of attacks on passenger jets by heat seeking missiles in the US. The maintenance costs and who will pay for the systems still has not been determined for wide spread use of the systems. Burt Keirstead, Director of Commercial Aircraft Protection at BAE Systems said of the system "It's the ultimate consumer use of the equipment." I know that I will feel much safer once these additional very useful and cost effective systems are in place and reflected in the increased cost on my plane ticket.

Submission + - FCC Relaxed Media Ownership, ignores public (

anthrax writes: "Completely ignoring Congress and public comments, the FCC voted to relax ownership rules which prevented broadcasters from owning newspapers in the nation's 20 largest media markets. After holding several public hearings that overwhelmingly opposed the relaxation or the rules, and Congressional hearing where Democratic and Republican (even Ted "The Internet is Tubes" Stevens) voiced opposition to the move, the FCC voted 3 to 2 to change the rules. Not hard guessing the political affiliation of the votes."

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