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Comment Same thing effectively happening in Saskatchewan (Score 2) 202

We have, effectively, the same thing happening in Saskatchewan. Sasktel is the one and only true telephone provider in the province and it's mandated that every lot must have a connection with them (you don't have to pay for their service, but their wires must run to your house). They've recently introduced their fibre-to-the-premises service that will supersede existing connections. All new houses in our two largest cities are now getting fibre connections; old neighbourhoods are being converted one-by-one and smaller cities will start following suit once the big city rush slows down. So it's not just oppressive governments that can get this done, like other comments here suggest.

Comment Re:Free (as in beer)? (Score 1) 330

You can get paid for your labor if you can find someone willing to pay for it, that is, you can get paid for the act of creating the software.

That's the thing; who is ever going to pay for that? Software companies work by selling licenses to the people who end up using the software. How much money do you think goes into making the next version of Windows / Photoshop? How many developers / engineers / managers salaries do you need to pay over that time period? How much is spent on equipment to develop and test it on? And you're honestly suggesting that someone will come along, pay for all of that, then happily give it for free to the next bloke who wants to use it?

That's crazy. Software development, for large products that require a small army of people to make, cannot work that way.

Comment Re:paradigm of having to restart the computer? (Score 1) 531

It's reasonable that a person would remember a key combination to their favorite function for their favorite program. It's not reasonable to expect someone who sees a "please restart your computer for the updates to take effect" prompt to know 1.) what the update was for and 2.) that if it was for the video driver (and only the video driver) that they just have to kill X and let it restart.

Comment Social Computing (Score 1) 179

We studied something like this in my social computing university class, only it was about slime mold "solving" a maze. I never understood why that (or this) was at all interesting; the growth of the slime mold is just a brute force search for food. What you end up with is a minimum spanning tree between the food "nodes." Meh.

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