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Comment Forget the dollar amount (Score 5, Interesting) 102

thats the tip of the iceberg. If this gets overturned as illegal you will see other tech companies subjected to the same types of complaints and more importantly, a flood of potential information about the real shenanigans going on and the true level of privacy violations they commit in the course of business.

No one really wants the to illicitly gain access to these companies' metaphorical secret sauces recipies, we just want to make sure the ingredient list doesn't include rat poison.

Comment win 10 is still a work in progress (Score 3, Insightful) 210

It is far and away better than it was a year and a half ago, but Win 10 still has a ways to go before it is ready for the "it just has to work all the time" workloads of many with demanding workloads. It is stable, but they need to really finish the transition from old to new completely, and add proper GPO management around new features like the Windows Settings app that is replacing control panel a little more with each feature update. Give it another 6 months or so and it will be there I think.

Comment Libel law? (Score 4, Insightful) 415

If Facebook labels some small time news site as "fake news" would there be a case to be made for defamation if the stories in question were actually factual? For example What about "facts" that are in dispute? Did the Russians hack the DNC or was it an internal leaker who handed the stuff to Wikileaks? One could write an article siting very reputable sources on both sides of that story so which side of that story would be "fake news"

Comment the consumer cloud kinda sucks (Score 1) 98

"Cloud" services can be done very securely, look at any number of business/enterprise services from MS, Amazon, Oracle, SAP or any of a dozen other vendors. Its sad that the consumer end of the cloud is such a joke security wise. look at the past few months, this and the the yshoo FBI search thing are great examples of how piss poor the consumer cloud is. It doesnt have to be this way. We need a secure consumer cloud.

Comment The "on a computer" defence (Score 3, Insightful) 40

seems to me that this is another one of those business practices that would be totally against the law if it were done in an analog world, if a representative of a car service followed you documenting your every location to "help be sure to give you better service when you want a ride" everyone would call BS and they would be out of business or at least severely hampered. Because they do this "on a computer" its somehow just fine and makes them a darling for the VC/Stock market...sick...

Comment Kill the market for this crud (Score 4, Interesting) 60

Google needs to start working with vendors in the markets that use these lower end phones to make secure and reliable hardware. If there are a couple vendors making reliable phones for the ultra low end, with Googles official support and endorsement, it could go a long way in killing the market for these sorts of devices and win them a lot of favor in places where they might not be so highly regarded.

Comment Privatization of the public square (Score 5, Insightful) 410

the idea of the first amendment was that anyone can say anything on the public square, but online the "public" square is all privately owned by mostly large companies based in the Sanfrancisco or San Jose region and run by people who are predominately liberal. They are free to run their businesses as they and their shareholders see fit, but with so much of life hapnenning online, where are we supposed to have the "public square" if anyone with differant ideas gets treated badly or labeled "hate speech" or "fake news"?

If Facebook Twitter, Reddit and other leftist dominated companies run all the communications mediums, how are those who disagree to compete in the arena of ideas?

Comment Re:so we single folks (Score 0) 179

Mod this parent up! if i could i would. Live within the means of one salary for a few years if you value one parent being with the child/children around teh clock for some amount of time. My folks did it, and many of my friends parents did too. They gave up the shiny new cars and yearly vacations for what for me was a pretty great family life.

Comment Re:so we single folks (Score 2, Interesting) 179

I dont look at it as discrimination, I think parents should be given help making sure they can care for their kids. But 20 paid weeks off while the non parents get what? two or three weeks a year of sick/vacation time? Lets flip this on its head, lets say some company did say "we evaluated things and saw that non parent singles worked more hours and got more done so we are giving the single childless people 20% higher pay"...how fast would that land in court?

Comment so we single folks (Score 3, Insightful) 179

get to pick up the slack with no extra PTO or a larger salary? I understand the need to help parents, and i don't dispute it. I get that maybe parents needsome time out for a new birth or to leave early or come in late or take time off now and again to deal with older kids, but 20 weeks at full pay? doesn't that put a huge burden on those who dont have kids to pick up the slack?

Comment Re:So why are the new Macs selling so well? (Score 1) 376

pent up demand from Mac users who are one of 2 classifications

1: high end consumers who havnt bought a new laptop in 3 years because there really hasnt been a new one.

2: Pros who are absolutely locked into Apple ecosystems and want the most horsepower they can get in a laptop (even if its less than PC laptops) and havnt had a new one availible in 3 years or so. These are mainly xcode or Final Cut users, and Adobe CS users who have built up workflows with a lot of Mac Only tools that work along side the adobe suite.

Comment Mot to surface, but away from Mac (Score 2) 376

The new MBP has a lot of people looking at going to Windows 10 - those I know that are heavy users of Wacom tablets are definitely considering Surface but it has a lot of the same downfalls as the new Macbook "pro" - 16gb ram, poor port choice, not the greatest keyboard, etc.

When I point out to the Mac users in my universe that I could get them a Dell or Lenovo with 32 or even 64GB ram and a better CPU, more storage and better I/O port selection for a few hundred less than a new MBP, they tend to start thinking about how they could move their workflows to Windows or Linux. For the people I am thinking of, they would rather have a laptop weigh a couple more pounds if it means getting more work done faster.

MS isnt really winning any business here, Apple is throwing the business away!

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