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Comment Re: Could President Trump pass this test? (Score 1) 652

Considering he also wants the financial records and Trump refuses to show even his tax records, then no, he wouldn't. He'd be stuck in an interrogation cell at the airport ranting about his rights and wanting a lawyer. We really should consider making this a procedure in the EU as well! Then, when Trump comes to visit, we hold him at the airport and demand his financial records to make sure he isn't a russian spy. I'm sure he'd love that.

Comment Re:The solution is simple (Score 1) 364

Oh yes, the white plastic G3/G4's. I did a couple of procedures on mine and my sister's, took time, sweat, a big table and meticulous labeling of screws but entirely doable.
Never did anything to my clamshell (aka "toilet lid" in my native tongue) so I don't know what they were like internally, but the later (aluminium) MacBooks were insanely easy to (dis- and) assemble.
A friend of mine who is an absolute disaster with most things electronic managed to switch hard drive in his so nobody can blame Apple there.

Now the blasphemous act of soldering the RAM onto the logic board ON ALL THEIR AVAILABLE MODELS* including the desktops is an entirely different thing. For which you can only blame Apple.

(*) The black stool pill doesn't count. A "workstation" for 10,000 EUR where you can upgrade only the RAM is just as stupid as a "desktop" where you can't touch the RAM.

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