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Comment Re:Boo-hoo (Score 1) 2

Mrs. Michela Brambilla is usually very busy in making blowjobs to our Prime Godfather Silvio Berlusconi... but now he's too busy for this because the government is falling and he has to stay in charge to avoid being prosecuted for his numerous pending trials (tax evasion, judge corruption and many other nice things), so she jumped on the first useless thing she found to do.. besides that, the incriminated sentence on the app (Mafia accouts for 10% of GDP) is not defamatory, it's TRUE!

Submission + - System administration without a car? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Is the ability to drive a car indispensable for system administration, in general?

I recently had an interview for a system administration position. The interviewers were concerned about my lack of experience, but seemed moderately impressed by my level of skill. The interview came to an end, though, when I admitted that I did not know how to drive a car. I cannot fault their decision: they needed a system administrator who could drive to the co-location site, buy components, and so forth. I often read comments that these things are expected of system administrators, though I've never seen them directly stated as job requirements — not surprising, as the inability to drive is rare.

For my part, I know that when I tried to learn to drive, I was extraordinarily bad at it; the world is safer without my driving a car.

So I want to know whether it is really the case that any system administration position will require the ability to drive. If not, where do I look for the exceptions?

Comment Re:"If he were he subject to his own law" ?! (Score 3, Insightful) 356

Amen to that man. Immunity for politicians in charge is one of the worst things for a democracy, two days ago in Italy we avoided a similar law thanks to the Constitutional Court rejecting Berlusconi's ignominous proposal... we still have a mafia's boss as a Prime Minister, but now he can be prosecuted for his crimes... of course the trials were blocked with ad-personam laws and they have to start them over again, so in the meantime he'll come up with another trick to avoid being prosecuted, but still it's a victory.
We really should have common rules throughout Europe to protect us all from that kind of things.


Submission + - iPhone has a built-in spyware module? (

pilok22 writes: Russian underground hackers released a white paper with analysis of iPhone firmware. They found a very suspicious function which can steal all personal information from an iPhone.

Submission + - Macbook mysteriously burns up power cord

bl8n8r writes: Looks like that Macbook may be a hotter commodity than originally planned. A series of ill fated software and hardware malfunctions, and attempts to resolve the issues with Apple support, leaves the user with burn marks and a melted power cord.
"I looked at the laptop and smoke was coming from the MagSafe power cord where it was inserted into the laptop. I screamed. The cord crackled and started to melt."

Submission + - OpenMoko Revisited... Possibly...

nowhere.elysium writes: Has anyone else tried to order one of the OpenMoko Neo1973s yet? So far, there has been no response to my order, made the day after the Slashdot story broke. I'm based in the UK, so I expected delivery to be slow, not the actual acknowledgement of purchase. So far, I've heard nothing from them at all, despite my emails asking what's going on. As is probably obvious, I'm getting a bit annoyed now: not only by the fact that there is zero apparent customer support, but also that I don't have a shiny new Neo1973 winging its way towards me. Does anyone else have any information or experiences to add to this?
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - How Many FOSS Developers in the World?

niyam writes: Somebody threw me quite a curve the other day: How many active FOSS developers exist in the world? An off-the-cuff and non-validated remark like "oh! about 10% software developers must be developing free software..." makes no sense! So first step: It took me time to define 'FOSS developer' for myself: Someone who authors software under ANY free license as mentioned on the site, and for any platform. gpl, bsd, Apache, MIT, etc.... Sourceforge currently displays: Registered Projects: 151,709 Registered Users: 1,621,651 But that doesn't mean anything. Some large corporations like Google, IBM, Intel, Apple, even Infosys..., may just have a large pool of engineers writing software that is published as Free software. I also wonder if 'foss developer' should include QA teams and documentation-people. Slashdotters, any help? niyam
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple iPhone to need AT&T Activation (

SinaK writes: "According to an AT&T store representative, the majority of the new Apple iPhones will initially be offered through Apple stores around the country rather than through AT&T stores. However, phones purchased at Apple Stores will apparently need direct activation through AT&T.

This may indicate that Apple has built some sort of additional security measure into the iPhone that goes beyond the standard subsidy-locks used by other manufacturers. GSM phones are typically sold with a software subsidy-lock that customers from using their phones with another network. Numerous online services offer code and software based unlocking solutions that remove these subsidy-locks from the majority of phone makes and models.

However, phones operating on CDMA networks such as Sprint and Verizon cannot be easily unlocked, since each phone is individually registered to operate on the network. If Apple have developed a similar network-side activation system with AT&T it may be impossible to unlock the iPhone. If this turns out to be true, users tied into contracts with other networks will not be able to purchase and use iPhones without switching to AT&T service."

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