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Comment Re: Please report this. (Score 1) 361

Please don't. An unauthorized person did this

An unauthorized person did what? Reported you to facebook?

This building is in a pretty trashy part of town. Not only the wrong side of the tracks but almost on top of I-15 in a busy corridor between Davis County and Salt Lake counties. That area has the refineries, the sulfurous hot springs, the recycling plants, sewage plants, plating companies, tank farms...and a high-crime district known as "Rose Park". It already smelled so bad that they put all the odiferous industries together.

I'm not surprised they are desperate to sound good.

Comment Re:From someone who lives in Park City! (Score 1) 81

Don't forget that these are the same pretentious people who chide locals for things like driving gasoline-powered cars, while they take a helicopter to avoid a 40 minute drive AND put their massive Los Angeles coal-burning plant in Utah to avoid the pollution in their own state. Now they can run their electric cars on coal!

Comment Re:No "morally acceptable" sites? (Score 1) 706

I agree that their business is scummy. I first discovered it when I mispasted a web page URL for a Google search and was redirected (either due to a paid DNS redirect or due to Ashley Madison's registration of a domain name similar to a Google typo) to their site. I was fairly disgusted with both their site and their marketing.

And no, I did not sign up for them.

That being said, I wonder how many of their customers signed up just out of curiosity to see if the site was for real...or during a frustrated moment at a down point in their relationship. Where the signup itself was the extent of the cheating, just to let off steam about the situation. Like reading the personal ads in a newspaper with no plan to ever contact anyone.

The other people could have simply signed up for a different website where the main intent is not cheating. It seems there would be plenty, and none of them are getting hacked

Ashley Madison had not been hacked until it was hacked. The World Trade Center had never fallen down until it did. That means nothing.

Comment Re:The Nobel Prize Committee blew it (Score 1) 276

I think Holonyak for first visible LED is certainly deserving, but the whole chain of discoveries and inventions was crucial to the LCD monitors and flatscreen TVs we enjoy today.

LEDs have little to do with flatscreen televisions or LCD monitors. With the exception of a few small OLED screens (which are totally different), those are all LCD devices. LCD!=LED

Even if they claim to be LED, that's just the backlight. And most LCD monitors (all but the very newest) are still lit by fluorescent tubes, and they work just fine. This includes the two HPLP2475w's I'm reading this one right now. The only LEDs are the green power indicators.

Comment Re:Electric vehicles move pollution Somewhere Else (Score 1) 491

You mean push it to another state where they have to suffer instead of you. Not in my backyard, huh? Consider the great inefficiencies of electric vehicles. Ignoring the loss from batteries and crap, just the process of burning fossil fuels to make electricity at a major utility to run a motor is only about 30% efficient. With electric cars themselves about 90% efficient, we have .3*.9 = 27% efficient.

So, you have an internal combustion motor that is 85% efficient, resulting in 15% waste. Versus the plug-in car which creates 73% waste. I guess your point is at least someone like me suffers, instead of pretty people in big cities.

Comment Compromise: (Score 1) 491

In the USA, at least, cars are a status/phallic symbol and thus are larger and/or more powerful than they need to be in a practical sense.

You can apply that same "phallic symbol" to anything; I think of it when I see people showing off all their Apple crap every time they sit down. Saying things like that is an easy way to get people all worked up ("America Sucks, It's all their fault"), but that's all.

I drive a small car (average 33-35MPG) for my daily commute, but I need a larger car to move things and construction materials to work on my house. Why should I be punished for that?

I use it for work as well, but who is going to decide what is an allowable exemption? You? How much use does it take to be legitimate business use? Why should large families have an exemption, they are a big part of the problem. We know what causes pregnancy now-a-days. Frankly, we should tax large families because they take so many more resources.

My large SUV gets 21MPG highway, though I average about 17 with city driving. That's better than a Volkswagen bus, should they not be taxed even more for wasting more gas? Or is it all about the appearance of the vehicle, like when I traded a Chevrolet vehicle for a Toyota and was congratulated by friends, despite the fact that (1) the mileage was about the same, (2) the Toyota had to be made in Japan and then shipped over with considerable fuel use. They did not care; American brands were bad for the environment, Japanese were good. Logic does not come into it.

And why should people be able to buy gas-wasting AWD Subarus? Most days of the year, even in snow country, you don't need AWD, yet it wastes a lot of gas. They should be taxed for buying a feature they don't need. And bike racks on the cars, they really increase wind resistance and lower mileage, that should be taxed. How about people who drive miles every weekend to participate in marathons and other runs? They don't need to do that, they could sit at home or take a bus. They should be taxed for wasting fuel. A lot of pollution is generated by ski resorts, we should tax them for wasting energy, tax them even more if they care caught running lifts that are not 100% full (they should stop the lift unless the seat is taken). And nobody needs to ski, we should tax all of those people for wasting gas to drive there, and triple-tax them if they fly!

Where does it end? And who makes the decision? The power to tax is the power to destroy.

Oh, and high-end sports cars already pay a "gas guzzler tax".

Comment Electric vehicles move pollution Somewhere Else (Score 1) 491

Every time I hear stars in LA brag about their electric vehicles, I recall the biggest polluters in the western US includes the Intermountain Power Project, which is owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, but is located in Utah so that the California customers don't have to deal with the pollution. There are a number of other massive coal plants in Nevada, Utah and Arizona that are similar massive polluters that don't serve the local population, but are power exporters.

People say "Oh, I pay extra for wind power". That means nothing, everything else you touch in your life runs on fossil fuels of one sort or another. Plus, the wind farms are terrible for bird and bat populations.

It's too bad that the environmental movements are full of people with LibEd degrees who don't understand basic science, and put feelings above thoughts. Until we develop something better, Nuclear Power is the only realistic option that makes electric vehicles somewhat green.

I'm tired of the LA pollution being shipped east to the Navajo Nation power plant or the IPP, and LA's yellow nitrous pollution fouling the air in my deserts.

Comment Re:Security through Antiquity? (Score 1) 481

In the time period when these systems were installed no one monitored the integrity of j-boxes or conduit connections.

That's total crap. Do you really think the USAF would be so stupid to let their entire defense system fall prey to one Soviet agent with a shovel and a pair of wire cutters? Do you really think you are smarter than all the engineers from all the defense and communication companies who installed these silos as part of the national defense system? Or one crazy guy to short two wires and nuke Minsk?

All the cables running out of the control center towards the silos are protected by a pneumatic jacket. If the pressure changes, they know the line has been messed with and an armored security truck comes rushing out. Ask any farmer in North Dakota who put his backhoe into one. The telephone company has dealt with this sort of thing for decades on analog cable without the benefit of encryption.

Comment Re:Security through Antiquity? (Score 1) 481

Sure, it's terrible energy-inefficient, and the support costs must be through the roof, but i'm more comfortable knowing that the missile control systems are running on pre-internet (and even ARPANET?) systems. It means the many enemies of the US cannot just hack into the missile control systems and start armageddon. No internet, no hacking, no problem.

Why do you think it is so inefficient? They probably have something around a 4MHz processor ticking all it's clock cycles away on a 5V clock, but it's stilll more efficient than a quad-core 3GHz machine, even with a 1.5V power supply.

I also don't get:

Sure, it's terrible energy-inefficient, and the support costs must be through the roof

The USAF has scrapped dozens of silos as part of the SALT treaty, so that's a lot of spares. And a lot of this old big iron gear just keeps running. The Atari 2600 was a cheap consumer-grade part, but it keeps going. These silos are not much older and all of their gear was made to the best spec possible. I doubt it needs much repair at all.

No hard disks spinning at 7200 RPM. No mega-GPU graphics cards. The 110V motor on the 8" floppy drives is probably one of the biggest power drains on the whole system. How much heat do you get out of the back of your PC? Now compare that with an Apple ][, Atari 800, PET or TRS-80.

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