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Comment Re:This seems like a natural step... (Score 1) 49

"The technology" is much, much, less known than you think it is - the reality of this line of work is that no one really has a clue what's going on. Every "tried and true" method of doing anything in biology has its major drawbacks, and so far no combination of techniques has covered all the gaps in knowledge. We've sequenced the human genome - now what? We can make artificial capillaries with weak stability that don't truly resemble anything in the human body, and which many other labs across the world have similarly done; now what? Organic tissue is so much more vastly complicated than a few VEGF-induced differentiated cells in a collagen matrix, and the fact that Slashdot makes this major news shows that most people buy the hype. (By the way, every term in "VEGF-induced differentiated cells in a collagen matrix" is debatable.)

Of course, hype is needed for us researchers to get funding so we can figure this stuff out. But I assure you, unless some major revolutions are made in the way biomedical engineering research is done, we're beating a dead horse that is not going to cough up the real answers.

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