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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Free tools for Hardware Development ?

JucaBlues writes: "I am a newbie on reconfigurable hardware development. But I have a strong software development background. I want to use 100% free software tools (with source code and an OSI-approved software license). Which FPGA development board would you suggest me to buy? If that is impossible nowadays, which development environment would be closer to this scenario? I'd like to know which pieces of hardware development tools are still missing in the free software world."

Comment Re:So who was it ?? not (Score 2, Insightful) 405

This has nothing to do with web standards. The alert message says it's not _supported_ on other browsers. Here "supported" means "someone has actually tested it on every supported version, if it something doesn't work, call us". If anything breaks and you call support, they can't say "that's a bug in your browser". If it is a browser bug they have to work around it.

Comment Re:NO COMPROMISE ON THIS (Score 1) 106

Any GSM phone works on any GSM network, as long as the phone supports the frequency band they use and that's rarely a problem. New (3G) phones support UMTS, in addition to GSM, and use GSM, when they are out of range of UMTS network (or low on battery). The "other standard" is CDMA2000 and has a few percent market share (Wikipedia says it's 12%), some phones are sold in both GSM and CDMA versions. afaik CDMA phones are permanently locked down to a single network, but I don't think there are any technical reasons.

Comment Re:Hey Soulskill! Read this, you douche bag. (Score 1) 260

Now it'll have a chance. And once it gets awful everyone will be complaining that they should have killed it earlier. Every smartass will say that they let it get that bad because those evil greedy bastards wanted to milk every penny out of it (just before they start ranting about how evil the RIAA/MPAA is and how it's all their fault).

Comment Re:Psssssssshhhhhhh!!!!!! (Score 1) 176

Forget how they squeeze that much power in this thing, I just want their heat dissipation technology. Besides, if it's so powerful that it can cut through basically anything, then this thing must be really hot inside (lots of energy in small mass), Hot means UV, so skin cancer is probably among the occupational hazards (as well as a dangerously cool tan). Luke got a new hand so i suppose a melanoma wouldn't be a big problem either, but the blade would be also very bright, and that would cause some nasty retina burns. Uh, looks like it's not that good job after all. Oh and this thing might last quite a while, but it must run out of juice after some time -- "wait a moment, must change the batteries". Oh, batteries, are they rechargeable, and if they are what happens if you overcharge them? KABOOM! And if they aren't then they'd probably have quite a nasty environmental impact if they just discarded them, so they must be recycled somehow. We can't get it right on a single planet, they have a whole galaxy to worry about. And what happens if you run out of spares?

Comment Re:looks like it still loses history (Score 1) 459


The problem is not with bash's default configuration but with configuration shipped with various distributions. Grandparent uses probably Ubuntu, and I can confirm that it's broken there just like he describes.

I think they inherited it from Debian, but (flame ahead) wouldn't be suprised if it was their own invention, just as broken flash, sound, or networking.

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