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Journal Journal: The Usabillity problems of Gnome 2.4

Heres my experiance. I have two machines that I use often. A laptop with Redhat Severn, which has gnome 2.2.x, and Mandrake Cooker on my main box that now runs 2.4. I have found the Gnome 2.4 desktop to be harder to use. Before Gnome 2.2 came out I used to use KDE for workgroups edition on both my machines. Here are the problems. I *did* report bugs, I *did* complain, but nobody listened to me, and when they did I got flamed by the feature police. And I will now tell you why I will be going back to KDE 3.2 when it comes out!

    I won't be stating the obvious, I will be stating more deep and serious issues.

1) File-roller is harder to use.
    In gnome 2.2, when you right-click a .tar/zip file you get the option to "Extract here" (which is what 95% of users want) or "Extract to somewhere else" (which the power users want). How ever, the File roller development team screwed the majoirty of users by removing extract here. There were several bugs about this reported, and they were rudley marked "wontfix" because they wanted to make users do more clicks.

2) Gnome Panel is now harder to use.
    Although the simplified panel structure is easier to use, the configuartion dialog isn't. They have removed the Dropbox which has the sizes from X-small to XX-large (which is very intuitve, as it creates a metafor for sizes) with more confusing spinbox with the confusing "pixels" size (newbies don't know that their monitor is made of little dots, and may not get what a "pixel" is. The visual positioning box was removed by a more confusing drop box! The Foot icon (which is a violation of the HIG [], Section 9.10, which says NOT to use body parts as icons (the picture is a G shaped monkey foot). They should allow easy configuation of the menu icon (as it used to in 1.4, and use a non offensive icon by default). The workspace switcher now has a limit of just 36 workspaces, compared to the 100 in gnome 2 and the infinty of gnome 2.0! You may argue people don't need that many, but when users are doing advanced work, and need to think in GRIDs and heirachies, very essential when working on large graphics and admistering multiple machines. I know some developers that use around 50-500(!) desktops when doing some SERIOUS work. I only use around 8-12, so this dosen't effect me, but others will.

3) Gnome harder to configure
More features, which EVEN NORMAL USERS USE, have misteriously dissappered. Either forcing them to use the atrious gconf-editor or flee to other CONFIGUREABLE desktops like Windows and KDE. Not to mention that "auto apply" is very dangerous, I've been burnt by it too many times already!

4) Epiphany is not ready for primetime.
The ability to add subtopics in bookmarks have been removed (not even AOL users are this dumb), its still VERY unreliable, and its not the mozilla engine's fault, its epiphanies. The documentation is only half written, and the download dialog needs a lot of usabillity work. Idealy, this should of been 0.9.4, but it seems obviously rushed.

I have other problems, but other people have already complained about that. The gnome team really need to have another usabilty test, and ask ALL types of users, from newbies, experts, designers, developers, architects, secitaries, managers and children to get the best of all worlds, not some Hypothetical "Joe Aol" (and aols got more features than epiphany anyway).

I have a lot of experiance in designing GUIS, with experiance in Visual Basic, Curses and Qt, but I'm only new to GTK, and the developers still have a lot to learn about good gui design.


Journal Journal: Gnome 2.4, A major disapointment, I'mswitching to KDE 3.2-a! 1

I have recently installed Gnome 2.4 from mandrake cooker, but it is a very disapointing release. I reccomend others to either stick to Gnome 2.2 or use the new KDE 3.2 [] alpha when its released soon.

Here is why GNOME 2.4 is worse than gnome 2.2.

        * Still has that horrible file dialog!

        * File roller has removed the extract here option from the right click menu, now you have go through about 5 menus just to extract a file

        * Metacity still dosen't support button reordering (hacking its gconf registry dosen't count)

        * Nautilus still dosen't have split pane support (konqueror is famous for that).

        * The new panel architecture sucks! Its harder to use and configure.

        * Epiphany, which was once going to be a lean browsing machine, has been turned into an AOL clone! Its a shameful 1.0 release, and they removed Bookmark folders, now my bookmarks will be cluttred, I'm concidering switching to Mozillabird.

        * Still no colour scheme changer, windows had this from 1.0, and kde too.

        * Wanda the fish still looks stupid.
        * Totem still crashes on avi files. If it didn't use the inferior Xine libraries and used mplayer this wouldn't happen

        * The documentation is still incomplete.

        * The anti feature police have taken over 100 features away from Gnome since 2.2, I can't list them all, figure it out for yourself

        * bonobo-slay still annoys me.

        * The smelly foot is still there, with NO WAY TO change it, since the feature police took it away.

Please boycott gnome until they put the features back, I AM A REALLY ANGRY (soon to be ex-)GNOME USER! WHEN KDE 3.2 ALPHA COMES OUT I'M SWITCHING! WILL YOU?


Journal Journal: Wo ist die uberpferd?

I'm looking for die uberpferd! The ultimate mare to have sex with. Anybody have any info? Please comment thanks. And why the debian logo? Look at a mares back end, and it looks just like it.


Journal Journal: Exposing the sheep culture of Moderators. 3

To prove that slashdot moderators are inferior minded, I will now be doing a postive trolling campaign. That is posting bullshit that gets modded up to, 5 with karma. Not lame 5, funnies as they are too easy and they don't give you karma. To get a five funny all you need to do is.

Post a joke about the slashdotting on a story about exotic hardware.
Post a MiSCOft joke.
Mixture of ???/soviet/beofulf.
And so on.

  My campaign starts today, with my three accounts. And you will be seriously trolled! I have had lots of bites already.


Journal Journal: iTold you so

Posted by Mr G. Seecks on 2003-01-03 22:10

Apple makes you think they have cool stuff, they make lampshade computers, Advertise the fact that even JERKS can use macs, you get brainwashed in to thinking they're the best!. But they sell over priced iJunk and when you switched from hot grits to ellen fiess, you get iFucked by $100 .Mac, $129 Jaguar, and now $50 iApps! Switch to x86 linux, the desktop of a TRUE SWITCHER! Its not a bummer!


Journal Journal: 3000th Post! 1

meta.chris has made slashdot histroy tonight of breaking the record for the most comments on a slashdot article! I myself got a fucked up 3001st post.

  On the other hand, it does reveal the shocking truth about linux, and this article will surley be used by trolls and microsoft for a long time to come!

  First post just seems so bland now!


Journal Journal: I am a troll!

I cant karma whore, its too hard! I am retiring to the depths of -1 and ac. Please bitchslap this account as its worthless!


Journal Journal: Gnome sucks 1

GNOME SUCKS AND YOU KNOW IT! You zealots are all FUCKING MORONS! YOU THINK YOUR UBER1337 modding me as flamebait. Well get this,


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