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Comment Re:You're a douche (Score 1) 506

How can such an obvious pro-Microsoft shill like that get rated +4

The same way I get modded down when I point out the many ways Linux is superior to Windows, no matter how polite and factual the comment. Hell, I've even been modded "troll" for bashing Sony's antisocial, irresponsible shenanigans.

Thank you for pointing that out. I've used to drop in to read the articles over the years (and occasionally drop a small comment, but mostly just lurking) -- but somehow I felt a chilling wind of change here, and I appreciate to hear it might not been just my ol' tinfoil rattling :-P Perhaps just another case of "suppression of free speech when it conflicts a huge corporate entity's interest" but I didn't expect to bump into that here on /.

Well time's change, take care and stay aware.

Comment Re:You're a douche (Score -1, Flamebait) 506

How can such an obvious pro-Microsoft shill like that get rated +4, slashdot rating mechanism must be malfunctioning. What he's suggesting is like a major faggot telling straight guys they really should start taking it up in their ass, or at least agree to doing blow-jobs once in a while.

I say: keep dreaming, buddy-boy, keep dreaming.

Comment Re:Continue, please! (Score 1) 127

All computer-related technical searches on Google need to be accompanied by -site:www.experts-exchange.com
All GNU/Linux related searches need to be accompanied by -Ubuntu
Too bad the definition of legitimacy apparently doesn't cover the absence of laming and/or ignorance...

Comment Re:Moral authority (Score 1) 547

Yes. This particular incident comes from the fact that the majority of people (according to polls) do agree that equality is a good thing and that gay people should be allowed to marry and adopt children.

I don't know which 'people' you are referring to in the above sentence, but I (as a finn) am having an extremely hard time believing that the majority of Finnish people would really want gay people to adopt children. Gay marriage would probably be somewhat more approvable, but I wouldn't count on majority to approve on that either.

The only polls I could find related to this topic, point out a clear disapproval to gay adoption in Finland.

The Finnish parliament however has taken a slightly positive stance to the prementioned disputes. But what the clowns in the parliament happen to decide hasn't been really been related to the majority of Finnish citizen's opinions, for a long time.

But hey, why bother messing facts with what you post on the internetz! It's nicer to post fairytales and get modded up by people who know nothing of our weeny country.

Comment Re:Perhap the kernel's size is becoming too unweil (Score 1) 274

Perchance the Linux vulnerability patch committing folk should start peppering their patches with comments containing BIG FAT WARNINGs of the outcome if their patch is optimized away by some eager beaver wannabe super kernel dev.

Vulnerability re-exposing patches would thus be much more likely to ring the patch reviewers bells.

Comment Re:Stupid Headline (Score 3, Interesting) 113

Yes and there's a linux kernel patch that should cleverly circumvent that patent
It hasn't apparently been tested in court so far though.

On U.S. soil, one wouldn't probably want to acid-test the above patch in court, somewhere was mentioned that it may cost up to $5M to defend yourself in court for a single patent infringiment, even if you would not turn out to be infringing a patent at all.

Comment Reinvented wheel (Score 3, Insightful) 369

AFAIK amphetamines were popular already in WW2 among soldiers being able to stay sharp extended periods (weeks or so), in 1960's truck drivers and students did it for the same purpose. This is really nothing new, just amphetamines renamed. The extremely addictive nature of amphetamines will create once again another generation of drug addicts from unsuspecting students who fall for the hype.

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